What Are Cantilever Patio Umbrellas and Why They Are Trending

There is nothing like outdoor space when it comes to having fun under the sun. But we can all agree that having a bit of shade above your head at the same time would also prove to be great. Whether it is to protect ourselves from sudden bouts of rain or if we need a break from the sun, the best cantilever umbrellas serve both these purposes like no other.

They also serve as the perfect add-on accessory to beautify your backyard or outdoor at the same time, being quite easy to set up as well.

What Is a Cantilever Umbrella?

Cantilever patio umbrellas are tilting or rotating umbrellas. This means that they are supported by a sturdy pole at their base and have a rotating arm. As a result, you do not have to move the base at all but you can still rotate the umbrella and enjoy the shade in more areas than one.

Cantilever umbrellas are actually just the thing you might need for your patio setting as any other installations would require you to be stagnant in one place if you are trying to avoid the sun. 

But in the case of a cantilever umbrella, you can position it according to your preference. In some situations, it can even protect you from the sun while you are inside the pool!

Why Are They So Popular?

Cantilever umbrellas are all the rage right now with the approaching summer season. Their main benefit is that they can shade a large area at once but without the obstruction usually caused by center poles. There is also a horde of other reasons why it is so so popular and trending at the moment, and we have put together a list on that.

  1. Easy to Use

They come with advanced but easy grass-strut deployment. This means that these umbrellas can be lowered or raised with one single sliding movement of the hand. It is easy and effortless and should take just about five seconds, without having to fumble around with any cords or winding handles.

  1. Modular Installation Options

The umbrellas can also be fixed very easily in any of the four available options.

  • In-ground anchoring requiring a concrete surface.
  • A surface plate that is ideal for wooden decks.
  • Wall clamps that allow fastening against any wall.
  • Portable bases for those situations when you need to change its position.
  1. Handles Windy Conditions with Equal Ease

You can relax knowing that cantilever umbrellas have been engineered to just protect you from the sun and occasional rain, but they can also stand up to everyday use. This includes light windy conditions that can be enjoyed outside.

Cantilever umbrellas are known to be able to withstand till Beaufort wind force scale of 5, or up to 19 to 24 miles per hour of wind.

  1. Healthy for You

In addition to all its perks, they are also manufactured from premium quality fabrics that are 100% solution dyed and also carry a multi-year warranty. The fabrics are also known to be free of any toxic substances and any kind of skin, health or environmental hazards.

The growing popularity of cantilever umbrellas comes as no surprise considering the range of benefits they come with. They are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy some premium shade and with maximum adaptability. Make sure to buy yours before the summer season and add a stylish look to your patio!