3 Little Personal Touches to Use When Creating Your Home

There is a big difference between a house and a home, and while a big portion of that is about who we are with and how we feel when we are in a specific town or city, it also comes down to the physical building too.
There is a big difference between a room that has a grey carpet and white walls, to a room that has a grey carpet with a patterned rug and a white wall decorated with precious memories instilled in photographs, and perhaps unsurprisingly, this can make all of the difference to how we feel when we are inside our house.

Read these tips on how to create little personal touches which can be used around the house, to turn it into your home.

Photo Wall

Photos and art are one of the fastest ways to take a bland space and make it somewhere that can make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.
Whether it is photos of your family, friends, dates, holidays or maybe some of your favorite scenic photographs you have taken while travelling, all of these can add a personal touch to your wall which no one else will have. This in itself separates this wall from any others in the world!
There are a few ways you can create a photo wall, either by hanging picture frames, collaging the wall completely covered, or implementing both an art design and photo combination to create a stand out feature. 

Engraved Bricks

Maybe you are building a new extension for a very exciting arrival, or you need to put up an extra wall in the garden for a new furry friend – whatever it is, engraved bricks can give a wonderful personal touch to any build project, or even as a standalone feature. At Brick Markers, you are able to engrave both words or images into bricks, including special drawings created by your little ones, or even a personalized combination of both! 

Display Your Belongings

The minimalist design trend took the world by storm over the past couple of years. What was once reserved for nomads and stylish Danes became a staple in our ‘more is more’ homes. All of a sudden, everything was either thrown away or put in immaculately hidden storage, allowing our homes to tell a story of spotlessness, and, well… not much else. Thankfully, there is an opposite for everything, and maximalists take the polar opposite approach by displaying everything that is proudly theirs for everyone who enters their home to see.
You can learn a lot about a person from their home if they are happy to display their treasures, which is extremely personal within itself. It is time to get the ornaments back out, the kid’s drawings back on the fridge, and the for the collection of glass ladybugs that you have to be displayed in a cabinet. 

There is no right or wrong way to personalize your home – as long as it feels like home to you that is all that matters!