Top 8 Applicable Factors When Looking For A Competent Plumber

A leaky faucet, a backed-up toilet and an overflowing tub are common reasons to call a plumber. Ensure that you are always be prepared with the right questions before calling a plumber in for an emergency. Emergency plumbing services can cost twice as much, so it’s wise to call ahead instead of waiting until the sink is overflowing.

When looking for a plumber, consider these eight questions before calling one in for service.

1. Is Your Plumber Licensed and Insured?

A license and insurance are requirements by many states for plumbing services. Your local city or county offices should be able to provide the correct information. A plumber who is appropriately licensed and insured knows the local plumbing codes, can perform quality work, and carry required insurance for their business.

2. Does Your Plumber Offer Flat-Rate Pricing?

It can indicate a fast, cheap plumber who might not do the highest quality work. If you’re concerned about quality work, look for someone who charges by the hour instead of by the project so you can see exactly how much time is being spent on your home.

3. Will Your Plumber be Able to Figure Out The Problem Quickly and Correctly?

A professional plumber should be able to pinpoint and correct any plumbing issues you’re having quickly and efficiently without causing more damage or creating a bigger mess for you to clean up.

4. Does Your Plumber Operate With a Team of Employees on-Site?

While one-person operations are every day, they typically don’t have assistants to help with carrying tools or fetching supplies. They also may not have employees who can recommend solutions to plumbing issues without just doing the work themselves. A plumber who works with a team of professionals on your service call should see that you’re provided with more extensive service, knowledge about how to prevent similar issues in the future and referrals for additional help if needed.

5. What Are Your Payment Options?

Be sure you understand how much your service call will cost before the plumber starts working on your home. If you have multiple plumbing issues, do not agree to pay a set price per issue. 

6. How Long Has Your Plumber Been in Business?

A reputable and experienced plumbing company should be able to provide references for work that was performed on homes just like yours. Before you hire a plumber, ask for customer references and call them to request work updates.

7. Can Your Plumber Offer Warranties on The Work They Do?

Warranties are an indicator of quality service because they indicate that you will not have to pay for any unexpected repairs in the future related to the job being completed at your home.

8. Will Your Plumber Clean up After Themselves?

A good plumber should leave your home just as they found it, if not cleaner. Ask what kind of equipment they carry in their vehicle to sanitize or remove debris from your home during and after the service call is complete. This information can be provided when you ask for a copy of the equipment inventory.

In a nutshell, when looking for a plumber, ask questions and be specific about what you need to be done.

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