Tips to Clean Leather Furniture Properly 

If you believe that cleaning leather furniture is similar to cleaning a wooden chair, then you need to upgrade your knowledge. Leather is a unique natural materia, and to make it last longer than usual, one needs to invest time and energy. 

Not many leather furniture owners are aware of the delicacy of leather; therefore, most leather furniture items are likely to get damaged very soon. However, we clearly cannot see this happening, if you have questions about how to clean perforated leather seats, or how to keep it new forever, so here are a few tips for you. 

Following them religiously can increase the lifetime of your leather furniture, and make things work for you. Mind you that naturally leather is pretty durable, it is always the way it is handled. You might have heard people say that office chairs should always be leather chairs. The reason for that is the office staff. No one cares for the office furniture. Only the employer would get fussy for it. The sole reason for it is the easy to clean and durable surface of a perforated leather seat or furniture. 

But when you get it for your home, you better stay aware of all the necessary tips to keep it perfectly fine in the long run.we have discussed a few DIY, and professional methods to take care of the leather furniture. Along with them, you should also not use the leather furniture as a bare-it-all thing, as such an attitude will damage it eventually.  

Use Leather Cleaners 

Instead of wiping off with damp cloth, it is better to get an all-purpose leather cleaner. It has special chemicals to keep the leather shiny and clean. Some of its variants are available in anti-bacterial form, as leather can have a lot of bacteria on its surface and that can turn out to be harmful for your kids. 

DIY Leather Cleaners 

Not many people like to get the expensive leather cleaners. Sof or them we have a simple formula to make a leather cleaner at home.

Vinegar and Water

 All you need for it is some vinegar and water. Mix them in a 50 -50 ratio, and mix it well, then put the mixture in a spray bottle, and spray it after every two days on the leather furniture. Do not do it daily, as it will make the surface very moist, and prone to damage. 

Lemon Juice and Water 

If you want to get that shine on your leather furniture, then the best way would be using half a cup of lemon juice in water. It will make the old leather furniture look shiny again. 


You might be surprised to know but toothpaste is the easiest solution to clean a lot of surfaces. Even mirrors. The reason for that is the composition of toothpaste. It is made by mixing baking soda. Therefore, you can get good cleaning results through toothpaste. 

Yearly Professional Cleaning 

After every winter we would recommend an upholstery cleaning. They would come with some authentic and specially designed leather cleaning. Such cleaning sessions are  a bit expensive, but with the results, you may consider them as bang for the bucks. If you are planning for an easter party, then it is the best time to call them over. 

Use  A Vacuum Cleaner 

Sometimes, a vacuum cleaner is enough to wipe away all the dust from the leather upholstery. If you’re not comfortable with the smell of vinegar or mayonnaise on your leather furniture. Then it would be great to use a brush and a vacuum cleaner. 

Doing so is necessary as a routine cleaning session, every other day. It is the dry method, thus, the safest for leather furniture. 

Avoid Alkaline and Ammonia Products 

Yes, you read it right! Even though many leather cleaning products have ammonia, it is not the best chemical for the protected leather furniture. The ammonia and alkaline chemicals will dissolve the protective layer, and damage the furniture. 

Read The Instructions 

The manufacturers know the best. That is why it is extremely important for you as there are different types of leather furniture available in the market. If you are buying second hand furniture, then you should also ask the seller for the manual. 

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