Tips On Enhancing The Curb Appeal Of Your Home And Why It Matters

Almost every homebuyer will tell you that the first thing they take notice about a home is its curb appeal, otherwise known as being the home’s outer appearance. Having the ability to attract home buyers with just the appearance can easily convert potential buyers. However, being able to pull it off can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin. Thankfully, there are quite a few ways available to make your home more attractive from the curb. We’ve listed 15 of them for you today. But before we dive deeper it’s important to know how to add curb appeal to your home which can be a good reason to attract future possible buyers if your property is on the market.

1 Keep Shrubs Trimmed

Having shrubs around windows and your walkway is nice and all but make sure they are cut short enough to where they no longer obscure the view. This will allow potential buyers to see all of your house and windows from the front. Providing a view of the house will make a difference between your house selling or not.

2 Situate Planters throughout the Yard

If your yard is in desperate need of rescue from landscape companies, but you are unable to afford their services, then you can easily situate planters throughout your yard. Bringing in green plants this way will make your home provide a welcoming feeling. Acquire a variety of planter boxes and plant bushes such a Yew, Boxwoods, Hicks, or even Juniper.

3. Pressure Wash the Exterior

Getting rid of algae, mold, and grime is important and odds are you never even noticed it before. By pressure washing, you can avoid painting your home and wasting money unnecessarily. With a pressure washer you’ll be able to eliminate all of the accumulated dirt and grime from the siding, porch, patios, walkway, and driveway.

4. Make Your Front Door’s Color “Pop”

Your front door is the home’s primary portal and as such can be a powerful way to attract future homeowners. By selecting color that is intriguing and striking, it will instantly gather the attention you are looking for. Be creative and don’t worry about your door being the only bright part of the house. When you make your door stand out, it will add a nice contrast.

5. Make Your Front Walkway Shine

As you walk towards your front door does it look a little boring or in need of a facelift? If it does, then you should make the investment of rejuvenating it. You can do it yourself by laying flagstone, or you can search for Cincinnati landscape companies to come in and lay a new inviting walkway for not much money.

6. Give your House Some New Color

Painting your house with some fresh color can make it look sexy from the Street. Whether you do it yourself or call in some painters can also give it a new look that will easily draw attention.

7. Modernize the Light Fixtures on your Porch

If you have some light fixtures that are obviously outdated, then it would behoove you to invest in fixtures that are modernized so that the home’s entryway has more class. You can also dress it up with fixtures that have elaborate features.

8. Be Bold by Going Bold

As you think of ways to tackle the home’s exterior, make sure to not hold back when it comes to decorating or upgrading the front of the house. So go ahead and add that extra dose of color and plants throughout. You have nothing to lose when it will benefit the house.

9. Hang Decorations that are Seasonal

Regardless of which season it is, hanging seasonal decorations will provide a touch of hominess that makes it your own. Whether it is a wreath or a certain theme that portrays the season, giving the home extra freshness will let onlookers view the home with awe. Along with freshness, you can incorporate plenty of green such as lavender, olive, or even eucalyptus to represent summer or even spring time.

10. Extend the Home’s Front Porch

If the home’s porch is small in comparison to other homes in the area, then extending it may be just the thing you need to attract buyers. It also allows you to grow the livability of the front area. You’ll love the fact that potential buyers will look around the porch and become amazed to how much space there is.

11. Replace your Fence

Having a nice looking fence is great and looks more appealing than one that is more than a little rusty or one that needs some wooden slabs replaced. If that is the case, then now would be the perfect opportunity to do it. You are also better off replacing the entire fence instead of just the front. That way you will be certain that the entire fence will be the same.

12. Include a Decorative Bench

By including a bench for the porch will provide a good touch and conveys a sociable environment and friendliness to potential homeowners. Having the bench is also a good way for buyers to sit and go over the tour they just had and decide to make an offer or not.

13. Give your Home’s Siding an Overhaul

Having a nice siding on the house can tell a prospective buyer that they will have a nice investment that will pay off in the long-term. A good option is vinyl siding due to it being cost-effective and long lasting. Also, the new homeowner will love that it will have a guarantee for the life of your house and if any problems come up then it can be repaired for free. Score for the new owner.

14. Bring in Decorative Window Planter Boxes

Regardless of how you decorate your windows, you will never go wrong with planter boxes hanging on the edge. By adding flowers, you’ll provide some additional color that’ll spruce up every part of the house.

15. Create a Warm Home Entrance

As much as curb appeal is important, it is also important that your home’s entrance be warm, inviting, and clean. Since you have the door painted and installed new lighting, go ahead and give it an extra dose of dimension with a variety of plants.

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