How to fix window roller shades?

Nowadays, roller shades are widely used in home decoration. For example, window roller shades are basically window coverings made of vinyl or cloth. These shades are fixed on a roller and raised and lowered by a coiled spring mechanism.

They are best for blocking harmful UV rays and glare from the sun. They also help to protect your privacy and block lights when needed. In addition, their subtle, elegant beauties can instantly transform the style of your home.

But as their uses increased day by day, their mechanisms can sometimes be problematic. So in this article, we are telling you how you can simply fix your roller shades at home.

How to fix window roller shades

Before fixing the problem, we recommend ensuring that you have the best and problem-free roller shades.  At the same time, we advise you to find a reliable website where you can order window roller shades online. Now, it is time to fix the issues in the following ways.  

Spring Tension Adjustment

Sometimes, you may notice that your window shades are rolling up sooner or slower than the regular time. At that moment, you have to understand that your roller spring needs some tension adjustment. If your shade’s rolling speed is fast, that means the spring is too tightened, and you need to loosen this. For this-

  • Fold the shade at first.
  • Then eliminate the roller from its frame.
  • Now unfold the roller by hand but stop it halfway.
  • Fix the tension as your need and repeat the process until the shade is working correctly.

When your shade rolls slowly, you need to squeeze the spring by following way-

  • In this case, you have to eradicate the roller from brackets.
  • Then pull down the shade half 
  • Next, you have to fold it up manually.
  • Then, continue rolling and unrolling the shade until it is regular.

Those Shades That Won’t Stay Down

When the ratchet in the shade roller does not lock properly, this problem occurs. To fix it-

  • You have to remove the metal cover on the end of the ratchet lock.
  • Then you should clean the pawl and ratchet, and you can use a brush or canned air for this.
  • A tiny home oil may also be helpful to grease the parts.
  • Then replace the cap and reinstall the roller in the brackets to check the spring tension and make any required adjustments.

Falling Shades 

When your brackets are placed too wide apart, or they may wear down the pin on one side of the roller, you will face the problem of falling shades.

  • If you find the brackets outside the window frame, tap them lightly together with a hammer.
  • Or you can just transfer one of them closer in.
  • If the brackets are riding inside the window frame, you have to cut a narrow piece of cardboard which should be somewhat smaller than the brackets.
  • You need to hide this cardboard shim behind the bracket.
  • If necessary, you can add one or two shims to each side.
  • You can use an 8 penny nail as a substitute for a worn roller pin,
  • Now using pliers, remove the pin.
  • Next, tap the nail into the pinhole with the help of a hammer. Again, remember to leave about ½ inch hanging out. 
  • With the pliers, remove the nail head and place the roller again in the bracket.

Hopefully, using the above instructions, you can fix your roller shades on your own.