These 2022 Trends Are Perfect for Cabins

The last two years have seen a significant shift in each of us focusing more on the interior of our homes than we did previously. Working from home has made it critical that we build a location that can provide you with the room to work while also providing you with the comforts of home to relax. Similarly, now that the limits have been relaxed and there are more options to go on vacation with your family while leaving the city behind but bringing your work along with you. Because, well, why not? That is one advantage of working from home. You may work from any location. Even from a cabin that hasn’t been touched in two years.

As the seasons change to a much better and warmer atmosphere, it is ideal to escape to a serene and relaxing place. But, before you plan your vacation or get away from the hustle and bustle, have you considered renewing and updating the style of your cabin interiors?

We have compiled a list of cabin trends specifically for you, and what you can anticipate for your cosy and homey cabin in the heart of nature!.

  • It’s The GREEN Season!

A cursory peek at the list of the year’s hues reveals a similar theme: everyone is turning green. Benjamin Moore chose a calm soft green. The colour of the year, according to Sherwin-Williams, is a dusty grey-green. PPG chose a soothingly light green as their colour of the year, while Glidden chose the fiery Guacamole. Finally, Behr is ushering in 2022 with a light blue-green. So, whatever your style, there’s surely a colour for you!

If you’re lucky enough to live in a log cabin-type home, skip the paint and instead incorporate shades of green into the kitchen and bath with warm fabrics or earthy-hued tiles. Do you have a cosy cottage? Go ahead and paint! A green design plan will seem completely at home in natural environments, such as the ones seen in many cabins and cottages.

  • Being Eco-Friendly

Going green is fashionable not only visually, but also metaphorically! Many log and timber cabin aficionados are well aware of this. Log, wood, and other eco kit cabins have long been noted for their environmental friendliness. The final homes are not only long-lasting and energy-efficient, but they are also resource-efficient in their construction.

Remote cabins are ideal candidates for environmentally friendly solutions such as solar electricity and composting toilets, which may reduce water consumption by 20 to 50 per cent. Alternatively, start small with eco-friendly furniture like these!

  • Bring Your Outdoors—Inside!

According to search statistics, homeowners are extending their interior living areas to their outdoor living spaces. Outdoor furniture has gone a long way, with options that are both beautiful and durable. When combined with an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or even a television, it’s difficult to tell where the great room stops and the great outdoors begins!

Think about the sleeping porch. It’s been a long-loved fixture of rustic house design, and it’s now receiving attention as an indoor-outdoor place that’s not just beautiful, but also excellent for you.

  • Indoors Out!

Who doesn’t want a kitchen that is flooded with natural light?. Researchers estimate that homeowners will choose for long runs of windows in 2022, thanks to the advent of busy pantry walls, storage-optimised island bases, and lower cabinets that allow homeowners to avoid above cabinets.

Fortunately, because many cabins are so isolated, enormous walls of windows do not provide a privacy concern. There are a few more factors to consider as you maximise your outside views.

  • Bring Spa To Your Cabin

Heated bathroom floors, showers with many shower heads and sprays…no, this isn’t a luxury resort advertisement!. However, with the assistance of a log cabin architect, you may turn your cabin into a resort. According to a study, an increasing number of homeowners are choosing luxurious features like these to enrich their daily lives.

Radiant floor heating may make a great impact in snug cabins in icy regions, whether it’s across the entire property or simply in critical areas like kitchens, baths, and rooms positioned above garages.

Now that we’ve covered the various trends that will be popular in 2022, we would further add how you can build your cabin with various types of logs and which one will be the best choice for you and your family.

  • Handmade Logs

These give a place a more organic vibe. In external walls, handcrafted timbers are stacked on top of one another. Some woodworkers hew logs into rectangular profiles with flat exterior and interior sides for a more traditional look. Handcrafted log dwellings, on average, employ bigger logs than milled log structures and are more expensive.

  • Milled Logs

These logs are precision-cut to have a consistent appearance and size. These logs are available in a number of profiles, ranging from entirely round to square, to help you get the desired log cabin look. Some log home manufacturers provide “super-insulated” exterior walls, which are made possible by employing dimensional log cladding on the interior and outside of stud-framed and insulated walls. This option provides the appearance of a complete log wall while also increasing energy efficiency.

  • Siding Made of Logs

This method is appropriate for folks who prefer the look of logs and are restoring or building a new cabin. Log siding can be applied simply to the outer walls of a cabin or it can be added to the internal walls as well.  It can be milled from logs or manufactured from concrete. Concrete log siding provides the look of wood while requiring very little upkeep due to its inherent colour and sturdy substance.

  • Packages for Log Homes

These can be acquired straight from the manufacturer or via a local dealer who may also be a builder. The cost of a log house is subject to several variables. Among the various criteria are the design, species, style, size, roof structure, and finish materials. Many of these elements may be controlled whether you build a home from scratch or use a stock plan to keep a log cabin within your budget.

We hope that after looking at these best cabin ideas and trends, you have a basic idea of how you want to renovate or create your cabin home. Being aware of current trends can also offer you an advantage when listing your cabin for sale, allowing you to obtain the greatest market price.

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