The Most Common Spring Home Remodeling Mistakes

When you see people taking out tools from the garage and preparing for indoor and outdoor remodeling, you know it’s spring. Some people start remodeling to change things up a bit. Others start remodeling to increase the value of their home and sell it quickly. All these reasons are more than legitimate. But, spring home remodeling is not something that should be taken lightly. Quite the contrary – you need to know what must be remodeled and how it must be remodeled. Trust us, doing this is not as easy as it seems. That is why there are so many people making those most common spring home remodeling mistakes. Mistakes that cost them a lot of their time, energy, and money. Don’t be like them – learn from their mistakes! We are also here to help you out with that!

Not Being Financially Prepared  

One thing is for sure – home remodeling is expensive. Whether you plan on installing a stair railing, repainting the walls, or just changing the doorknobs – it will cost you. Of course, bigger and more complicated projects cost more than those little ones, but before you start any of them, be sure to know how much it is going to cost you. Starting a project that you can finish is one of the biggest and the most common spring home remodeling mistakes you can make. This mistake is not easy to fix (it can be fixed only when you find more money), but it is to avoid! You can avoid it by doing research on the remodeling project you plan on doing. Google can help you out with that! Besides the Internet, you can talk to professionals one-on-one. All contractors will be more than happy to advise you. 

Not Preparing Your Home and Household Items 

Many people decide to renovate something in the spur of the moment. Don’t get us wrong – doing that can be great. But, the only way it can be great is if your home is well prepared for it. Imagine painting the walls, for example, and not securing your furniture and floors. This can lead to several scenarios. First, you damage your furniture. Second, you don’t damage your furniture but you spend days dragging it back and forth from one place to another. Thirdly, you hurt yourself by falling over something or by slipping. Don’t make these common spring home remodeling mistakes! You need to put some items aside – in a storage unit, for example. By doing this, nothing will be in your way and you can remodel your entire home quickly and safely. 

Ignoring Potentially Expensive Problems

This happens to all of us. We scroll through Pinterest and we see a picture of beautiful marble tiles. And, we think to ourselves – these tiles would look dreamy in our kitchen. That old, leaky roof can hold on for a year or two. It can’t. By ignoring those boring and potentially very expensive problems in your home, you are just making everything worse. Next year, that roof is going to be even more damaged, and, you guessed it, fixing it is going to be even costlier. Thus, never avoid the big problems! Do them this spring! Leave the small and unimportant ones for later. The same thing applies for when you are trying to renovate your house before selling it. Trust us, all buyers will run away from homes that have serious issues. 

Hiring the First Contractor You Find 

Whether you need a professional real estate agent, a professional moving agent such as that one from the Pro Movers Miami, or a contractor that specializes in roof repairs, you need to double-check him. Hiring the first person for the job you find is one of the most common spring home remodeling mistakes as well! It doesn’t matter whether that person is somebody a friend recommended or somebody you found online, if you don’t do your research on him, you might end up with a big problem. There are all sorts of contractors out there – some are not good at their job, some are inexperienced, some are always late, and some are even thieves! Thus, do your homework before hiring anybody. Have interviews if necessary too. 

Doing Everything Yourself

Speaking of hiring contractors, many people don’t want to hire professionals because they think they can do the same job themselves. And, of course, because they think that doing everything alone will save them a ton of money. But, it won’t. Doing a remodeling project you have never done before, such as restoring a vanity unit, for example, may end up with you ruining that unit, hurting yourself, and losing both that unit and your money. Of course, DIY projects can be interesting and rewarding (and money-saving), but leave that to your hobbies. Don’t experiment with important things in your home. If you don’t have the skills and the experience needed for remodeling something, leave it to professionals. 

Not Having a Permit 

Remodeling the exterior of your home or remodeling your yard may require a permit. This depends on where you live. Some cities and suburbs have strict guidelines which you cannot change. This means not being able to change your front door, your facade, your fence, etc. In some cases it also means not being able to add a deck or pool either. So, be careful! If you make some changes without a permit, you will get in big trouble with the building department and be severely fined. Moreover, don’t check only with the building department when wanting to remodel something. One of the most common spring home remodeling mistakes you can make is not checking your neighbors. That is, before doing any exterior work, you must check with your neighbors. If they mind it, you might get sued. 

Meta Description: Looking for some common spring home remodeling mistakes? Look no more! Keep on reading to find out which remodeling mistakes you should avoid at all costs. 

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