The Importance Of Having A Good And Sturdy Roof Over Your Head

Owning a home is, for many people, one of life’s big goals. Moving away from rented accommodation into a home that you own feels like a huge step in life. However, one of the main benefits of a rented home is that the landlord is often responsible for maintenance and repairs.

In a home that you own, the responsibility falls on you. If the HVAC system breaks or your gas boiler shuts down, you will need to pay for a new one yourself. This applies to everything in the home, including your roof – one of the most important structural elements of any building. 

Your Roof is Important!

It almost goes without saying but, your roof is very important! This structural feature of any home is the part often taken for granted but immediately recognized if things go wrong. The roof does many jobs for both the inhabitants of the home and the building itself. 

It keeps the bad weather at bay, keeps you warm and dry, while also helping to insulate the home and protect the rest of the structure from the elements. Without a roof, we’d all be exposed to everything the weather had to throw at us. No matter what climate you live in, you’re sure to be thankful for your roof. 

You’ll Need a Good Contractor

Before you hear more about what to look for in a roof, it’s important to discuss its maintenance. To make sure your roof is in good condition or install a new one, you’ll need a good contractor or roof team. There is no benefit in repairing, building, fixing, or otherwise modifying a roof alone.

When looking for a good contractor, search your local area. For example, If you’re looking for a roofing contractor in Indianapolis, get online and search for someone with good reviews and experience. They will be able to perform any roof installation, maintenance, or examinations for you quickly and professionally. Without the eye of a professional roofer, you are likely to miss things and end up in trouble. 

Check The Roof Before You Buy

Before purchasing a home, it is vital to check all of the structural elements. Have a professional survey done. This may cost a few hundred dollars, even up to $1000 if it’s a larger property with lots to check. But, it’s worth it for peace of mind.

Your surveyor will check everything from the windows to the flooring to the roof. They will likely give you an estimate of how long the roof will last and provide details on its materials and condition. This is extremely important, as if they recommend the roof is replaced, you could end up with a large bill after purchasing the home.

When to Replace a Roof

Different roofing materials are made differently and therefore have different estimated lifespans. With a typical asphalt or shingle roof, you can expect them to survive damage-free for 15-25 years. Premium-priced shingles can even last up to 30 years, so the age of the roof is important. Metal roofing can last longer; 40-50 years if installed and maintained well.

You’ll know when it’s time to replace a roof for one of a few reasons. Firstly, just down to age and wear and tear. If the roof looks old, dirty, and tired, it probably is. Seek a contractor for advice if you think your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan.

Common Roof Damage

The other main time you’ll replace a roof – or partially replace it – is if it is damaged. Damage to roofing occurs in many ways, most commonly down to extreme weather conditions. A large storm can do major damage to a building, especially a roof. 

This doesn’t just mean parts of the roof breaking or falling away, though structural damage is common after extreme weather. This could also mean slight damage in shingles, leading to water in the roof. This is a problem, as any water coming through could damage the roof’s structure and cause water to leak into the home, further damaging the property. If you have any concerns after a storm or anything colliding with your roof, call out your local contractor immediately.

Whether you have a shingle, metal, or any other kind of roof, proper installation and ongoing maintenance are very important. A damaged roof can lead to serious problems for the rest of the home, so make sure you keep a proper eye on it and have it regularly checked. Look after your roof and it will look after you!

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