Table decoration ideas for your next tea party

Dining table decoration ideas are always the heart of every party or occasion you throw. And if it is a tea party, then one should already know that it isn’t only about the food. To make sure everyone lives up to the occasion, the hosts need to ensure that the ambiance is well-set. Of all the other things, one needs the best table linens, mattresses, covers, and so on.

While planning a tea party, the first thing you as a host need to determine is the space. Is it going to be a gala party? Or will it be a small reunion of some friends or family members? The best way to do it is to put all the linens on the table for maximum space. It will reduce the need to run back and forth between the dining room and the kitchen.

Some of the top essentials that need to be there on the tea party table are –

  • The best table linens
  • A nice-looking centerpiece
  • Napkins 
  • Teacups and saucers for everyone 
  • Small decorative plates for snacks/sweets
  • Cream, sugar, or marshmallows
  • Serving platters
  • Tea tray in the center 

Once you have these in place, check out some of these fantastic table decoration ideas for various types of tea parties.

For a Victorian Tea Party

A Victorian tea party usually occurs late in the afternoon. They have a traditional theme, meaning one must follow old English-tea rules. It is simple, though. To set the table, one needs to have fine china and antique-looking teapots. You can decorate the table with beautiful lace tablecloths. Lace doilies can also be used under each cup, along with flowers and candles. Using a silver candelabra as the centerpiece will be a great option. 

For a Birthday Tea Party

Birthday celebrations sync pretty well with tea parties. One can use an embroidered tablecloth or a lace table mattress as the base. The centerpiece will look perfect in the form of a birthday cake. 

An attractive design idea is to spread confetti all over the table. Also, on each dish or small plate, leave a colorful birthday hat for the guests. The color scheme of the entire tea party should be according to the choices of the guest of honor.

For a Baby Shower Tea Party

Baby shower parties are not usually meant to be celebrated as tea parties, but a change is always a spectacular thing to have. While setting the theme color, the best choices will be blue or pink. One can even go for a unisex mix of light yellow or green themes. 

Ensure the table is well-decorated with teacups, dishes, and the best table linens from any reputed online store. You can go with a bouquet of fresh flowers for an overall sweet look and accent for the centerpiece. Also, instead of napkin rings, one can make it look unique with diaper safety pins.

Wrapping Up

Depending on the season and the occasion, tables need to be set. However, one must not forget that setting the right theme is as important as buying the right table linens, saucers, cups, and other things. Finding these is no tough job, considering how different online stores have these in their collection.

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