Possible Reasons Why Your HVAC Unit Isn’t Producing Cold Air

There is nothing worse than feeling the heat of summer inside of your home. Most homeowners are willing to spend good money to keep their HVAC units functional. Even with routine maintenance, issues are bound to happen. That’s why we advise you to consult professionals, such as AC repair in Boise, ID, to help you handle all inconveniences in the most efficient way. 

When confronted with HVAC repair issues, your main goal should be diagnosing and fixing them promptly. One of the most common HVAC problems encountered by American homeowners is the absence of cold air.

If your HVAC unit is unable to produce cold air, it is only a matter of time before the inside of your home gets extremely hot. Here are some things that might prohibit your HVAC unit from producing cold air.


Refrigerant Leaks Can Cause Lots of Problems

The average American homeowner spends upwards of $800 a year on HVAC repairs. If your HVAC unit suddenly stops producing cold air, paying professionals to figure out why is vital. One of the first things an HVAC technician will check when trying to identify the cause of your problems is refrigerant levels. When your HVAC unit pulls in hot air from outside during the summer, it is up to the refrigerant and condenser coil to cool it off.

Without the right amount of refrigerant, your unit will be unable to cool down this hot air. Generally, refrigerant will leak out of damaged condenser lines and out of holes in the condenser coil. The only way to get these leaks fixed quickly is with the help of experienced professionals.

Once the source of your leak is fixed, an HVAC technician can refill your unit with refrigerant. This means you should be able to enjoy cool air in no time.

Clogged or Blocked Registers

After your unit cools off the air it draws in from outside, the blower motor will move it through the indoor vent system. One of the most important components this system has is the vent registers. These registers are located in each of the rooms in a home and provide a steady flow of cool air. However, if the registers are clogged or blocked, they will be unable to work properly.

If your home starts to heat up due to a lack of cool air, then the first thing you need to look at is your vent registers. If the vents are blocked, you need to remove the obstructions to ensure the air can flow freely. Vent registers that are clogged with dust will also have a hard time dispersing cool air. This is having your vent system and registers cleaned professionally a few times a year is a wise move.

Take a Look At Your Air Filter

When your HVAC system pulls in air from outside, dirt, dust and pollen will enter your home. The air filter installed inside of your HVAC unit is supposed to remove allergens from your indoor air supply. The main thing you need to keep in mind about your air filter is that it has to be changed every two months.

Allowing this filter to become clogged with allergens can restrict the flow of cool air throughout your home. If the inside of your home is hot, then your dirty air filter might be to blame. Not only can a dirty air filter reduce the flow of cold air, it can also overwork your HVAC unit. This is why you need to make an effort to change this air filter on a regular basis.

Don’t Ignore Your HVAC Problems

The worst thing you can do when confronted with HVAC repair issues is to ignore them. Doing this will only make these problems worse, which is why contacting professionals as soon as these issues are discovered is important.