Simple steps to ensure a long-lasting paint job

A long-lasting paint job is not about how you paint but what you do before you paint. Preparing the painting surface with the right tools and materials is very important before painting. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you should spend a good amount of time prepping the surface. Follow the steps given below for an efficient paint job.

Find the right weather to paint

The weather can play a great role while you begin to paint your walls. Humid weather with wind and rain can give a lot of difficulties. The paint will take much longer to dry and other problems can also arise. The ideal time to paint should be dry weather with little wind. Winters are considered best for good painting jobs. The weather should be duly noted while painting, especially exteriors. 

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Clean the painting surface

Clean the surface properly before you begin painting. You must remove the previous paint if it is damaged, and also remove any damages that may have developed in the walls. Cover the cracks and fissures if any. Cleaning is very important so that any imperfections in the wall are checked and covered. It also provides a smooth surface for painting.

Repair the damaged surfaces

After the previous paint is scraped off, you may notice some problems in the wall like cracks and holes. You can dig into these cracks to remove the old debris and then fill them up with new fillers. Use proper tools to get a smooth surface. Finally, use sealer coats for your paint to be applied easily.

Prime the surface

The painting surfaces must be primed with the right type of primer. Priming is often underestimated but this can be an important factor that will make your painting job last. Priming makes your surface smooth and also absorbs the paint quickly. Therefore, the paint sticks easily to the walls and stays put for a long time. The type of primer can vary depending on the type of paint you use.

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Use proper brushes and tools

Each and every step of painting requires different types of brushes and tools. You should try to get all the right tools for a consistent paint job. Whether you use rollers or brushes, you should also think about the little details that may require different brushes. You can take a bunch of different sizes, to begin with brushing but don’t forget the tools for prepping walls before painting. You may need scrapers and painting knives as well.

Painting can be a fun task if done properly. If all the necessary steps are followed, you can accomplish a paint job that stays on for years without any problems. You can do a waterproof coating after the painting is complete so that your walls remain unaffected by humidity and you also get extra protection against cracks. You may also get some minor touch-ups in time to maintain the looks of your walls.