Subtle Ways to Decorate Your Small Working From Home Space

Not everyone has the luxury of an entire home office to work in. Many individuals have had to shuffle around their homes and make do with a minimal desk and working area throughout the pandemic, and now these changes are becoming more permanent. 

Some work at the kitchen table, others have set-up inside the living room, while some are working away in their bedrooms, trying not to confuse their work and personal lives – or be tempted enough to work from their bed. When you’re working from a small zone, decorating this area can feel like a luxury that’s not meant for you. However, with the right approach, additions, and accessories, you’ll be able to transform your working space, make it more productive and hopefully enjoy working from home a little more.

Read on to discover some subtle ways you can decorate your small WFH space.

Add Some Metal Photo Prints

When it comes to displaying photos, you might think that you don’t have enough room on your desk. But, with metal pictures from Hello Canvas, you can still display high quality and vivid family photos, without leaving your space feeling too cluttered or chaotic. These HD metal plates are printed with your chosen images and can be mounted on all the walls around your desk. Using a dye-sublimation technique, the colours from your images are injected onto the surface of the metal itself, ensuring high-quality colour and images for years to come. They also come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the right solution for your minimal space.

Add A Shelf – Just for Décor

Forget about all those bulky binders and files and paper documents, decorating your small workspace with things that you like will help you remain productive and even enjoy working in your workspace. Adding a shelf and placing decorative items like ornaments or personal effects on it is a simple but effective way to add some of your own personality to your workstation.

Bring in Some Fresh Flowers

Everyone loves fresh flowers, so why not treat yourself to a bunch? They don’t have to be a huge bouquet, even just a small hand-tied bunch of subtle tulips or happy sunflowers can brighten your working station and your day. If you’re not a fan of fresh flowers, or you’re working to a budget, keep things simple with a faux plant or arrangement instead. Hanging some beautiful flower pictures or motivational sunflower quotes on the wall is another great way to bring the outside indoors.

Add Some Comfort

Working from home means being surrounded by home comforts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them whilst you’re working 9-5. Your sofa and bed aren’t the only places to include pillows, cushions and blankets. Add some of these to your chair so you can be extra comfortable and supported as you smash those deadlines.

Keep Your Accessories Colourful

Adding a pop of colour to your workstation is like injecting your personality into your working day. It can also give you a much-needed boost when you start counting down until log-off time. Think colourful desk lamps, pen pots, notebooks and desk pads!

Final Thoughts…

Just because you’re working in a smaller workstation, doesn’t mean you can’t decorate! Consider these options above to get started.