Short on space? Try these hacks for a beautiful & functional home!

Make the most of the space in your home with these clever ideas – even if you have the tiniest studio flat! In this article, you’ll not only find out how to make storage space work, but also how to smarten up your sleeping arrangements.

Shelved partition wall

Depending on the size and layout of your space, you can choose a partition wall with shelves. They are ideal for dividing limited space, for example into living and sleeping areas. The shelves can then be filled with books, decoration, or whatever you need. The advantage of these shelves is that they have several functions (dividing, storage, decorative) and that they don’t block out all the light – a big no-no for small spaces.

Sliding doors

Once you replace a conventional door with a sliding door, you will maximize the space available. If you choose a sliding door with (semi-)transparent glass, you’ll also benefit from extra daylight. Alternatively, opt for those with a mirror, which are not only practical but also visually enlarge the space.

 A cleverly designed bed

There are several ways to design your sleeping area so that it doesn’t take up too much space, leaving you with more room to manoeuvre around other furniture.

  •  A raised bed that can fit a sofa or desk underneath
  • An ottoman bed with plenty of storage space
  • A convertible sofa bed

 Whatever is best for you depends on your financial and practical possibilities. It also depends on whether your home is one you own that is worth making major changes to, or whether you are renting and are more concerned with interior design tips & tricks than actual redesign.

Bar or folding table

A dining table with chairs takes up quite a lot of space and this is simply not practical in small spaces. But that doesn’t immediately mean that your dining experience can’t be up to scratch! Look for a bar table with folding chairs that requires a minimum of square footage. Ideally with storage space on the side. A wall-mounted folding table is an even more storage-friendly solution. It’s usually small, but two people can easily dine at it.

Wall storage

Any shelf or cabinet you can screw into the wall, and get off the floor, do it. Walls offer plenty of space that can be used – for example, to mount a shoe rack, a TV, shelves, cabinets and so on. Choose shelving in a light tone whenever possible, and don’t overcrowded them. The worst thing you can do for a small space is darken & overwhelm the walls!