Safety and Sophistication: Do You Need Insurance for Your Luxury Home?

The number of luxury homes in the U.S. is on the rise.

If you’re one of the people who can afford to fork out more than $1 million on a residential property, you’re among the few Americans who can own a luxury home. There’s nothing wrong with this. Given the opportunity, every one of us would love to own a home with outdoor kitchens, indoor pools, in-built home theaters, and whatnot.

As a luxury homeowner, though, there are things you have to worry about, just like every other homeowner. Top of your list is insurance.

Do you need to insure your luxury abode? Continue reading to learn why it’s important to purchase adequate insurance.

Protection Against Damage and Loss

Luxury homes don’t come cheap. Whether yours is a beach-front mansion or a sprawling city condo, you spent a ton of money on acquiring it. As such, you stand to lose a fortune should the property sustain extensive damage.

There’s no guarantee it isn’t going to be damaged.

Anything from a natural disaster, such as a windstorm, to a manmade disaster, such as an electrical fire, can cause significant damage to the property. A windstorm, for instance, can blow off the entire roof while fire can raze it down to ashes.

With adequate homeowners’ insurance, though, you won’t worry about losing your investment. A typical home insurance policy provides dwelling coverage, meaning you’ll be compensated if the home and any attached structures are damaged by a covered peril.

It’s important to note that most home insurance policies don’t cover all risks. For example, flood damage isn’t typically covered by a home insurance policy.

If your home is in a medium to high-risk zone for floods, you have to purchase a standalone flood insurance policy or ensure it’s added to your homeowner’s insurance.

Have a look to learn more about how to ensure you’re purchasing the right amount of insurance for your high-value home.

Personal Property Coverage

Your luxury home isn’t just the structure and the features like swimming pools. You certainly have lots of high-value personal items in your home. We’re talking about expensive couches, state-of-the-art electronics, and kitchen appliances like wine coolers.

Damage to the home can also mean damage to your personal property. For example, flood damage won’t just ruin the structure of the home. It will also ruin your couches and electronics.

With home insurance, you get personal property coverage.

Personal Liability Coverage

Your luxury home isn’t an isolation facility. It’s a party haven!

Like most luxury homeowners, you’re always hosting parties, which means people are always around. Did you know you’re exposing yourself to liabilities every time a guest is in your home? If they sustain a personal injury, they could sue you for compensation.

The good news is most home insurance policies provide personal liability coverage.

A Luxury Home Has to Be Insured

Owning a luxury home comes with lots of benefits, and you deserve to enjoy them. However, you must take care of the basics, including ensuring you’ve got adequate home insurance, along with other additional types of insurance, such as flood and earthquake insurance.

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