Roofing Contractor Tips For Fall Maintenance

Each spring and fall, home care and upkeep become vital in preparing for the extreme months of the year. Since fall has set in, the weather in some parts of the country will soon be growing bitterly cold with nasty winds and the potential for inclement weather that can be damaging, especially to the household’s roof.

In preparing for these conditions, homeowners schedule preventive maintenance with trusted, well-qualified roofers for an annual inspection. These are especially important before winter sets in to ensure the structure can handle the abuse of harsh weather.

The roofing contractor will walk over the entire surface to detect any possible defects or damages that need to be corrected to avoid them growing into major problems later. Plus, as the homeowner, you will need to ensure standard fall chores are handled. 

For anything you don’t feel comfortable handling yourself, reach out to the professionals to ensure these aren’t neglected and that you remain safe.

Have You Prepared For Fall Maintenance

Fall and spring home maintenance is vital to ensure the household functions optimally before the extreme seasons kick in. That’s especially important before the winter months, which can be exceptionally damaging depending on your location. 

Some places in the country are subjected to frigid temperatures with brisk winds and bouts of harsh weather conditions like freezing rain and snow. 

These can create problems, particularly when this weather sits heavily on the roof of a house; a primary reason to ensure you enlist the services of a quality roofing contractor to inspect the structure for potential defects or damages before these rough conditions set in. 

The professional can detect problems and correct these before they’re made worse by the pending weather. Find tips contractors want to share with homeowners at  

Things you need to manage each fall and spring as the homeowner include the following: (If you have any hesitancy about working with the roof, you should allow professionals to handle the tasks for optimum safety.)

  • Gutter cleaning

The fall leaves are something the entire country looks forward to. Even those who live in tropical climates will reach out to their northern friends for pictures and videos to gain a semblance of what they get to experience (I know I do). 

Unfortunately, these leaves find their way into the gutters invariably. That creates the task of removing these to prevent blockages along with any other sorts of debris that might have gathered. If these are neglected, the winter ice and snow can accumulate on top of these piles clogging the gutters. 

There is also a possibility for mold growth, a health hazard, presenting the risk of deteriorating the gutters, leading to the need for repairs. A suggestion is to apply “gutter guards.” While these won’t eliminate debris from accumulating, the indication is they can significantly cut down on waste like fallen leaves and other larger materials.

  • Trimming trees and cleaning away debris

While you’re cleaning gutters, the indication is you should also brush the debris lying on the roof away. In the winter, the accumulation of ice and snow will weigh heavily on the structure. Extra materials lying around will create areas where ice will form, producing excess weight and the potential for damage.

Trees growing close to the house need to be kept trimmed since they contribute to the debris landing on the roof. Cutting these back is a priority for not only roof maintenance but garden upkeep. 

The branches that are too close to the roofing can cause damage to the structure by scratching the surface, lifting shingles, lying under the weight of ice or snow, or breaking off from a storm. 

These can also serve as a lead-in for pests who want access to the home. These critters can cause a whole other host of detriments in their attempts to gain entry into the household. These are steps to keep the roof in its best repair for an extended time.

  • Repairs or leaks need handling before the harsh conditions of winter

If you’re aware of issues concerning the structure, perhaps you’ve noticed signs of leakage on the interior of the household, or are aware of damaged shingles or other components of the roof that are in disrepair, it’s wise to reach out sooner rather than later in the season to have these corrected. Waiting too long could result in a weather episode you might not be prepared for.

Depending on your location, snow or freezing rain can occur at a moment’s notice when temperatures take an unexpected drastic dip. 

A priority would be to contact a professional roofing contractor at the first sign of a problem to inspect the extent of the damages so these can be corrected before the weather sets in. Go here for guidance on selecting the ideal roofing contractors.

What you see might only be the tip of the issue, with a more extreme and costly repair than you might be prepared for. It’s wise to bring a roofer in to inspect the structure after a relatively tough winter season and again before the season starts to prevent the potential for major problems from developing.

Final Thought

Fall has settled in throughout the country, with winter just around the corner. The leaves are already beginning to fall, meaning the season’s household maintenance should have started. 

The first step is calling a professional, qualified roofing contractor to thoroughly inspect the structure to ensure there are no defects or damages that need to be corrected to avoid the potential of worsening problems with the harshness of winter weather.

The preventive maintenance inspections are generally done twice yearly, before the weather sets in and after the extreme season, for optimum care and upkeep of the roof. 

With the varied tasks homeowners are expected to take care of, some people are uncomfortable working in elevated conditions. In those instances, it’s wise to reach out to the varied professionals allowing them to handle things like tree trimming, cleaning gutters, and clearing the roof of debris. The priority is maintaining your roof’s health and ensuring your optimum safety.