Preventative Maintenance Inspections for Garage Doors Before Fall

For many, the garage door carries the impact of the traffic that comes in and out of our garage. All the utilization indicates that your garage door needs some attention and care. In ensuring your garage door springs and operators will last, it is essential to do some maintenance checks on your hardware. Lower temp signifies that your garage door springs and operators are working double-time to keep the doors moving at the same pace they did when the weather was warm outside. We have gathered a list comprising the three of the most critical preventative maintenance procedures you can perform to help ward off the weakening of your garage door. 


The most straightforward thing for homeowners to conduct is spraying lubricant on all moving components of their garage door. The perplexing part is that not all moving elements need the same lubrication. It is an important reminder; Never employ classic Multi-Use WD 40 on your door. Although this product is excellent in removing moisture and water condensation, Multi-Use WD 40 can also wash off or reject other kinds of lubricants. It may appear to function fine at first, but eventually, it will lead to drying out of your garage door rollers. For lubricants, we suggest using the following products: 

  • WD 40 Specialists: Water-Resistant Silicone Grease
  • Blaster White Lithium Grease
  • WD 40 Specialists: White Lithium Grease
  • Blaster Garage Door Lube

These are some examples of quality door greases/lubricants that you can purchase at any hardware store. 

Garage Door Balance

An unstable garage door adds additional pressure on your garage door opener. The garage door springs do not compensate for the weight of the garage door well. Over time, it can lead to a malfunctioning motor. By keeping the balance in your garage door, it can minimize the strain put on your opener because it handles the proper weight. If you own a manually operated garage door, a well-balanced garage door would let a simple door open and close with less effort used on your behalf. 

To see and check whether your garage door is well-balanced, start with the door in the fully closed status. If connected to a garage door operator, release it by removing the cord down attached to the release lever. Lift the garage door about halfway up, and if the door stays there with no going up or falling; then, the balance is good and proper. If it is not the case, please do not attempt to change the tension on your own. It is dangerous. Garage doors are heavy; so, the springs are bound tightly. Do not put yourself in danger. Call Family Christian Doors; we will be glad to come to adjust your springs for you. 

General Operator Safety

The general operator safety makes sure that nothing is beneath the door, or else it will not close. Let us say that your garage door meets something on its path; it will reverse immediately. The safest and easiest way to do this in this situation is by placing an object big enough to hinder the track of the eye beams beneath the door. The garage door should not move when you try to close the door using a car remote or wall-mounted button. To examine if the reverse function is operating well, place an object about 1.5 inches tall under and in the direction of the garage door. Press either the car remote or the wall-mounted button to shut the door. If the door reverses back up quickly to the open state when it contacts a thing; then, everything functions well. In the winter, you may need extra force to lift and close the door. If it takes a bit of time to reverse or does not reverse at all, call Family Christian Doors immediately. We will send our professional garage door technicians to examine your garage door. Your safety and your family are our top priorities.  

Preventative Maintenance Essentials in the Fall

  • Grease/Lubricate all moving components with the right products, including garage door rollers, springs, and tracks. 
  • A balanced garage door prevents extra strain and wears on your operator. Also, it makes less effort for manual garage doors.
  • Conduct operator safety inspections on your garage door to avoid accidents and future garage door issues. 

Family Christian Doors are Ready to Help You! 

If you want a skilled and experienced expert with proper equipment and devices to look at your garage door, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always available to answer any calls or online inquiries about our garage door services. We deliver accurate garage door services promptly at affordable prices. Just give us a call today. We make sure to ready your garage door in the coming fall season.