Online kitchen planner – Planner5D

The kitchen is the most important room in an apartment or a private house. It is here that the whole family often spends their free time. The kitchen should be comfortable, and functional, the whole space should be ergonomically planned, and all pieces of furniture and household equipment should be installed in it in such a way that there is room for passage, work, eating, and good rest over evening tea. Our Online kitchen planner – Planner5D is one of the most advanced software that will allow beginners to create the kitchen of their dreams without any experience or special knowledge.

What features are available in Planner 5D?

The following useful features are available to homeowners when using innovative kitchen planning software:

  • Making a plan for the kitchen.
  • Zoning of usable space into various functional parts.
  • Purpose of finishing materials for floors, walls, and ceilings.
  • Arrangement of kitchen furniture.
  • Installing hardware from internal software libraries.
  • Editing, fixing errors, deleting unnecessary items.
  • The device in the interior design of the premises of sockets, switches, and lighting fixtures.
  • The device of additional patterns, stucco moldings, and decorative elements of decoration, according to the chosen style of kitchen design.
  • Switching from a 2D model to a 3D volumetric format.
  • Rotation of a 3D model in different planes, selection of the desired viewpoint, and taking a picture of the screen to fix the picture.
  • Overlay shadows, render a picture, and design a finished drawing of a kitchen.
  • Export drawings and pictures from Planner 5D’s internal editor to other user-friendly formats.
  • Sending or printing a finished project for its implementation or providing an intellectual product to the customer.

In general, Planner 5D resembles an exciting interactive themed computer game, and this is true, because even a child can work with our online editor, and the user only needs basic PC skills and, of course, good taste in the style of interior design.

Advantages of Planner 5D over other similar software

The online kitchen planner is gaining popularity both among ordinary owners of residential apartments or private houses and among professional designers, as this software has many of the following advantages compared to most other competitive editors:

  •         The ability to edit the created project at any time and at any stage of its development, up to sending it for rendering.
  •         A huge number of objects, pieces of furniture, equipment, textures, colors, and details of interior decoration in its own library of more than 4000 items.
  •         There is no need to download software, it does not take up space, and all functions are available online.
  •         Extremely simple interface, as Planner 5D is designed primarily for beginners who do not have experience and special knowledge in interior design.
  •         The ability to export the finished project to various editors, as well as to image readers with a change in extension and without loss of data, quality, functions, and details.
  •         The program is designed not only to work with a PC but also allows you to open it as an application on any type of modern smartphone, via iOS or Android, since the user can find the branded icon of the Planner 5D program in the application store.
  •         The program recognizes files loaded in CAD format or from any other graphic editors, or design applications.

With this software, even a beginner can become almost a professional designer in a few days, develop his own individual project, zone the kitchen space and create the interior of the kitchen of his dreams.

Why is Planner 5D attractive to professional designers?

The advantages of this software for beginners, amateurs, and homeowners have been described above. However, online kitchen planner is also in demand among professional designers, and there are a number of reasons and advantages of the software for this:

  •         Despite a large number of handy tools, catalogs, animation effects, and visualizers, this platform also features the highest engineering precision. The designer can zoom in on every corner of the kitchen, correctly arrange the equipment, and set the exact dimensions, which completely eliminates the risk of making a mistake during the implementation of the project.
  •         The full flexibility of Planner 5D – the software allows you not only to simultaneously switch from 2D to 3D but also to change the viewing angle with almost no restrictions, constantly capturing in the form of screenshots, without loss of quality. This means that the designer can provide the customer with almost any kind of room and at any scale – from above, from the side, at an angle, with the detailing of each piece of equipment, piece of furniture, or decorative element.
  •         Such an extensive catalog as Planner 5D, without the need to download it to the computer’s memory, no other online graphic editor for interior design. Thus, a professional can satisfy almost any customer request.

Despite the fact that the program is absolutely free and works online, a professional designer will not need to edit the finished work in a photo processing application, since there will never be a frame or logo on the sheet, which also indicates versatility and a wide range of applications.


When working with the Planner 5D kitchen planner, it is not uncommon for many users to contact the support team to get professional advice. For the convenience of consumers, below are answers to the most common questions asked by users.

How much does it cost to work with planner 5D software?

This software is completely free, you just go to the website, register, and start creating your dream kitchen using a ready-made template or creating your own unique layout from scratch.

What if I don’t have experience in interior design?

It does not matter, because the application interface is designed for a beginner, each working tool has advanced and detailed tips, and the icons are marked with graphic symbols. This suggests that every owner of the premises, without a specialty and experience in design, will be able to create an interior project that meets all his needs.

Can I upload files created with other graphics programs?

Yes, of course, the Planner 5D software easily reads almost any file from all existing graphic editors, with any extension, and, most importantly, without loss of data and picture quality.