In Style: 10 Types of Bathroom Vanity Mirrors to Consider

Next to the kitchen, a bathroom just might be the second most important room in a home. If you think about the necessity of a bathroom in a home, especially the bathroom that is accessible to guests, you may understand why. It needs to have the right lighting, enough space to navigate, a good toilet and most importantly a vanity mirror that gives a great reflection. Check out some of these bathroom vanity mirrors that can take a bathroom from boring to a favorite room in your house.

1. Full Length

The full length vanity mirror is sure to wow. Not only is it not a super popular choice, it is also a way to change the way the bathroom is perceived. Whether it’s mounted vertically or horizontally, it is sure to bring in more light and give the illusion of more space.

2. Decorative

A decorative custom made mirror is a statement piece. They’re usually really interesting and not a traditional mirror shape. You’ll find vanities that look like flowers or geometrical shapes or something altogether different.

3. Floor Mirror

These kinds of mirrors are an easy choice. Just choose the mirror that speaks to your decor and prop it up against the wall. These vanity mirrors are generally framed and can be angled on the floor or mounted to a wall.

4. Lighted Mirror

Lighted mirrors give you the perfect view of whatever you’re trying to see. They can even simulate natural light depending on the bulbs you choose. These are particularly useful in bathrooms that do not have a window.

5. Pivot Mirror

Get a good look from all of the angles you need with a pivot mirror. The flexible mount makes it easy to pull the mirror away from the wall and set it at whatever angle suits your needs. Some of them are even two-sided.

6. Cabinet Mirror

A traditional medicine cabinet may not be your style, but there are plenty of modern takes on this old classic that will give you both storage and reflection.

7. Classic Oval

If you’re short on wall space or looking for an elegant mirror, an oval shape is a great choice. Give it a little pizazz with a stone frame or a beveled edge. Just because it’s a basic oval doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

8. Unique Shapes

Don’t underestimate a mirror that has its very own personality. A uniquely shaped mirror brings a lot of character and joy to a bathroom.

9. Copper Framed

An interesting frame can make or break the look of a bathroom vanity mirror. Copper frames have color, patina, are easily shaped and fairly lightweight. It gives a warm feel to any bathroom.

10. High Gloss

A glossy vanity reflects a lot of light, which makes it great for low light situations. It also creates drama and intrigue in the space.

If you’re not feeling the itch to check out some vanity mirrors, go spend a few minutes in your bathroom. Something as small as updating the mirror can make you feel as though you have a new and improved powder room.

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