Luxury Home Tips 2021

We all benefit from a little home tip occasionally. Particularly if this involves creating a luxurious home environment to enjoy every single day. Getting enjoyment out of our home is important, particularly for extending the life of our interior design, creating a sustainable home environment. We have interior design expert advice on answering the following questions to give you the best tips for styling your home and understanding interior design. 

The Power of Three?

One of the best pieces of advice given in terms of interior design is nailing your lighting, and the power of three. Three statement ornamental features together with three lighting elements in each room is enough to create a beautiful aesthetic and atmosphere in any room, our pendant lights are extremely popular for this reason. I love this advice because it ignores the rules of symmetry and creates definition and character to your living space. 

Is It Worth Upgrading My Sockets and Switches?

One small décor choice to make a statement in any home would be to upgrade your switches to complement your sockets. Introducing this design feature adds finesse to any home. Additionally, you can upgrade your white PVC controls to match. What makes this décor statement so transformative is that you can quite literally change the look of your entire home and overall interior design finish without having to entirely redecorate your living space, the appeal is there with the big impact it leaves behind.  
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Decorating Tips People Don’t Pay Attention To?   

Decorating tips that people don’t pay attention to enough certainly involves setting the right lighting in your home. Once you nail your lighting you’ve created a perfect blank canvas to begin adding in the right accessories, furnishing, and decoration. Lighting plays a huge part in our homes; you can create a cute coffee corner or beautiful dinner party lighting therefore this element certainly deserves all the attention it can get.

How Can I Use My Space Best?

Always design a space using the details as your foundation. You’ll create a more coherent look that sets the tone for everything else within the room, or entire home if your hardware, power outlets, switches and, if possible, lighting are aligned aesthetically. If you want to extend this philosophy, look to lighting and break it down into zones – where a combination of lighting can be used in harmony to light an entire space evenly or atmospherically in specific zones.  

Introducing Finer Details

Back in the day, there weren’t any options to design with hardware and detailing. It was just white, cheap, plastic. When you introduce beautiful hardware and interior detailing collections you will begin to understand the impact that these small, overlooked details have on an interior. It’s like adding a new dimension of styling.

What Is Interior Design?

Creating an interior isn’t about buying one ‘statement chair’, it’s about balancing smaller elements to create a look that reflects your personality and the way you live. Thinking like this will give you interiors that you’ll love to be in for longer. And always buy quality items made from good materials that will last because that’s the best way to a sustainable design living.