How Would You Modernise Your Home Before Renting

Many think that renovating and modernising their home will automatically mean a lot of investments. However, it does not have to be the case. 

If you want to modernise your home, especially if you have plans of renting it, there are numerous affordable fixes that you can do to catch the attention of a prospective tenant or lessee.

When you want to modernise your house before renting, put emphasis on the first impression. One of the popular ways of drawing interest to your home is a lawn in the front yard or a garden in the backyard.

A beautifully laid lawn and a lovely garden with state-of-the-art decks can get a potential tenant buzzing at the possibilities of renting the house.

Most prospective tenants are careful of renting homes that require a huge revamp or renovation, so use quality and valuable materials like composite wood for your garden decking boards, lawn fencing and interior flooring. 

Composite materials combine stylish, cost-effective, durability, and ultra-low maintenance.

With their vibrant tones, fine and subtle details, you can use garden decking boards made from composite wood to give your house a fashionable and homely feel.

As they have low maintenance, are modern and can last for up to 50 years, composites will increase your property’s value.

Besides a lawn or garden, this article will comprehensively run through some other ways you can modernise your home before renting it out.

Revive your Walls

When your lawn pulls attention, you don’t want the walls sending them back. Take a leaf from modern houses and look to refresh your walls.

Paint, wallpaper, and a few wall arts are some of the most effective tools you can use to modernise your homes before renting.

It is amazing to see how much change a freshly painted wall can give to your house. However, you should be careful when choosing colour schemes. Dark shades, more often than not, make smaller rooms seem cramped.

Therefore, opt for lighter hues. White is the more preferred colour for most modern walls, and it absolutely hits the spot. Not only will it make the rooms seem spacious, but white paint on your walls will pump life into your rooms immediately and freshen things up.


Flooring can be a tricky upgrade because renters have varying preferences. However, if you are going for the modern look, wood flooring is the most optimal choice.

Traditional wood flooring could be considered boring or too regular, so you should look to switch things up. When getting the composite materials for your garden decks, look to add more for your interior floor. You can never go wrong with composite decking.

As they are fire-resistant, splinter-free, and will not suffer from rot and termites, a prospective tenant knows they are safe and will not have to spend more money changing much.

The value added also gives you a strong position when it comes to pricing. 

Revamp the Kitchen and Bathroom

Most renters find their way to the kitchen almost immediately they come for an open house, so ensure you give your kitchen a facelift.

You don’t have to change everything in the kitchen and bathroom. Fresh paint on the walls, decluttering surfaces, repairing and repainting cabinet, and their handles can transform them from old-fashioned to modern.

You can also invest in some modern appliances if there’s enough room in your budget. If not, make sure you repair the ones you have. Never rent a house out if there are faulty appliances.

Modernise your home’s bathroom before renting too. At the very least, some of the easiest enhancements include replacing the toilet seat, adding a new shower head, updating the cabinet hardware and faucet.

If you have a small bathroom, consider maximising space by converting the bathtub into a walk-in shower and installing shelves to provide more storage without taking up too much room.

Add Safety Equipment 

All homes, modern or not, should have safety equipment. If you don’t already have safety equipment like smoke detectors or they are not functioning properly, consider adding some.

Add Popular Amenities

Not only will adding popular amenities modernise your home when renting, but renters are also looking out for them. They will also raise your rent. 

Some of these are dishwasher, storage space, outdoor living areas like a patio or balcony, a fenced-in yard for pets, air conditioning, and a washer and dryer in-unit.

Windows and Lighting 

If your window has had its day, consider replacing them with new and modern windows. New windows not only look better and increase energy efficiency, but will also let in more natural light.

Also, upgrade your lighting. Proper lighting can transform a basic home into a modern one. Good lighting choices can give added aesthetic appeal to your home. This could be a pendant lamp in your kitchen, pretty table lamps, and hidden spotlights.

Ensure your HVAC system works fine

Always ensure your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system is working perfectly.