How to Save Your Metal Roof From Hail Damage?

There are so many ways in which metal roofs get affected by hail. There is no lifetime guarantee of any material used in roof making, and several issues are formed with time by hail damage. If the hailstones are quite big then they can form any dent in your roof made up of metal, which may eventually develop into cracks in the coating surface of the roof leading to water seepage.

Rust will be developed at the site of water seepage that will result in the decay of the metal roof over time. If the rust continues to develop unnoticed then it may cause high-end damage in the next hailstorm.

How a Metal Roof Can Be Damaged?

There are two main types in which metal roof can be damaged by a hailstorm:


The slight dinting in your metal roof that occurred due to a hailstorm will not cause severe damage that needs a long repair. Such dents don’t need to be fixed at once as they don’t harm your roof’s infrastructure 


Perforation in a roof may lead to water seepage and finally roof failure. This is usually happening in those areas where heavy hailstorms are likely to happen quite often.

Reasons For Metal Roof Damage Due to Hail

The following reasons are behind the hail damage to the metal roof:

Hail Size

The extent of damage can be found by the size of the hail. The damage will be as bigger as the size of the hail. 

Metal Thickness

The severity of the destruction also depends upon the thickness of the metal used in the roofing system. The gage will be lower if the thickness of the steel metal is more, so a roofing system with a lower gauge and higher thickness is preferable

The Slope of the Roof

The slope of the roof plays an important role in the development of the damage caused by a hailstorm. A steeper room is less likely to get damaged by the hailstorm as compared to the one with the lower slope. The roof with a sharped angle is also doesn’t get damaged a lot by the hail due to large deflection.

Effects of Hail on your Roof

Hail damage can affect the age limit of your roof and decreases its life expectancy. In case there is damage to the shingles, then there is a chance of water leakage that may lead to a lot of issues.

If your roof is not well prepared, then you must be prepared for expensive deterioration due to a hailstorm. It can also lead to damage to the foundation of your house if the water enters the inside structure of your house.

Protection of Your Roof

No proper preventive measures are available for the roofing system. The Austin roofing provides you with hail-proof shingles and weather-resistant roofing materials. By doing the following measures you can avoid damage to your roof:

  • Cut off any hanging branches of the nearby trees that may fall on your roof. The thick branches are likely to be hazardous for your roof as well as the entire house.
  • Check for your loft at regular intervals to notice the internal groves that may have water seepage but looks all fine from the outside.
  • Look for any fungal growth or water tints on ceilings or walls. The humid upper area is the most common sign of roof damage.
  • LOA Construction offers an amazing option with hail-proof shingles and weather-resistant roofing materials. By doing the following measures you can avoid damage to your roof.

A hailstorm is followed by the hard and fast-moving stones that hit your roof and cause either cosmetic or structural damage. The structural damage may pose a serious threat to your home, so it’s recommended to have a periodic replacement of your shingles or the roofing material.