How to pair restaurant booths and tables?

Choosing restaurant booths and tables can be a big decision. They should look good together, but they should also work well. Selecting the wrong pairing can make customers feel uncomfortable dining, and you may lose revenue!

 So we split up a few elements to consider, from size to design, to help you add the right booth with the right tables.

 Dimensions of restaurant booths

The dimensions of your restaurant will determine the size of the tables and booths you can set up. Use the following size guidelines when determining the number and size of tables and booths you need.

Length of restaurant booths

You must ensure your table is the same length as your booth. There are numerous “standard” booth lengths from 24 “singles to 60” for three or even four people on each side. If you want to combine a 36-inch table with a 48-inch booth, you’ll have an extra booth space that makes your table look smaller. So make sure the length of the booth and table match.

Depth of restaurant booths

Since the booth is not pulled under the table, it is important to consider the width of the table and the depth of the booth. In addition, you want to ensure guests have access to their meals but do not kneel under the booth.

 Height of restaurant booths

Consider the height of the seat and the back. A good thumb rule for seat height is to give a distance of about 12 inches between the seat and the tabletop. So the booth, 18 inches from the floor, will fit a 30′ table.

Style of restaurant booths

After possessing the basic idea of ​​dimensions, you can think about the style of your table and booth. Of course, they should work together, but they should also sit perfectly in your restaurant.

Restaurant booths are available in a variety of shapes and designs. The most common is a single or double booth. The back side is flat and can be placed on the wall or at the end of the booth line. A double booth has two seats that are the same on the back. These booths are designed to work with rectangular tables that offer plenty of options.

Be sure to create a floor plan ahead of time, so you know how many booths you can order with preliminary finishes.

There are also restaurant booths in the form of circles. These seats can often accommodate more people than a single or double booth. First, measure the open space width in the center to find the best table size for this round or square booth. You feel like your table seat should hang slightly on the bench. So if the open space is 44 inches, a 48-inch table would be appropriate.

Banquet booths usually have built-in high benches spread out on one wall. A table and chair will face them on the other side. It can be very spacious and does not limit your seat like a traditional booth. Heavy and dark restaurant booths will encourage guests to stay down and stay together. In addition, large booths require large tables to maintain balance.

Fabric and finish

Your table and booth finish will create a lot of visual interest in your space. But it doesn’t have to match. The symmetrical set of booths and tables may look a bit old, which can be great if you want a retro look. A brightly colored vinyl booth with a matching laminate table will look just right in a 1950s-style dinner.

For a more modern appearance, consider adding some contrast. For example, a brightly colored booth, such as sapphire or orange, will look stylish and casual, contrasting with the rustic wooden table. Or you can add a light ivory booth with a rich mahogany table for a sophisticated look.

You can also add many colors or soft fabrics to your restaurant booths. You can use two different colored booths in various areas of your restaurant. For example, on one side of the space, you might have a row of golden yellow booths, and on the other, a row of deep red double booths.

Get a matching set of booths and chairs for a party to keep the look consistent. The brown leather-covered banquet seat, the reclaimed wood table, and the swaying red industrial chair will create a kind of contemporary space.

A family-friendly restaurant may consider vinyl or unfolded booths instead of booths made of an expensive canvas.


Adding restaurant booths and tables requires some planning and a focus on the style of your restaurant. Once you have determined the look and shape of the furniture, you can start thinking about design and finishing.

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