How to get rid of ants naturally without toxic chemicals

Ants as pests are the most common of all pest infestation which could thrive in ambient spaces. These pests can be easily spotted in the accommodation as long trails crawling across the floors and walls. Be it any kind of pest, their presence of one around us leads to distress in many ways. Moreover, the infestation of pests is generally accompanied with the unhygienic surrounding.  Well, it is essential to tackle down the infestation of these pests in due time before they become outnumbered and hard to get rid of. Initially while we spot ants in and around our accommodation, the first question which comes into our mind is How dispose ants permanently with effective solution. Among all the possible ways which could be cited to rightly treat the growing ants infestation, we all do have inclination of using the organic means. Especially for the home remedies dispose ants, as it is both easy as well as safe to implement. There is no doubt in the fact that the usage of natural means to treat ants leads to make up for a very balanced environment around us without any hazardous after-effects as well as effective pest control. dispose such situation you can either hire Professionals for Ants pest control in Melbourne or you can simply follow our home remedies for it. 

Talking about the natural ways – the various Home remedies dispose  ants are compiled here within a dropdown list.


  1. Citrus fruits:  Citrus fruits are one of the most prominent repellants of the ants. The strong odor of the citric acid residues is found to cause obnoxious feel to the ants and thus helps to effectively get rid of them. Lemon and oranges both can be used for this purpose.

Method: Mix the citric juice into equal proportion with water and spray in the targeted area. Repeat this for 3 times in a week for effective results.

2. Vinegar: Among all the home-made remedies which could be cited Vinegar indeed plays most important role as the strong and astringent action of the vinegar leads to repel even the most stubborn of ant trails and insects. This remedy acts in most appropriate manner for how dispose  ants permanently.

Method: The vinegar must be mixed with water in proportion of about 3:1 Depending upon the adversity of the ants present in the space. The solution is then sprayed upon the targeted area. Results are quite visible after the usage of this method.

3. Essential oil: Essential oils have always been known for the strong aroma they create around in the environment. Peppermint oil, Clove oil and eucalyptus oil can also be used dispose the ants.

 Methods: Dilute the essential oil and make a solution, prepared solution can be spot used at desired location.

4.Diatomous earth chalk: The chalk has carbonated substance which have a killing effect on the ants. This is one of the most safe and efficacious methods to treat the pests.

Methods: The chalk must be simply used to draw thick lines over the prone areas of ant infestation.

5. Liquid detergent: It is a well-known fact that all the pests are generally found to dwell in untidy and unchecked conditions. Appropriate cleaning has always been the foremost choice while it comes to effectively deal with the pests.

Method: Prepare a liquid detergent-based solution which could be used with the help of the mop. The detergents-based cleaning solution leads to create overall high ended cleaning goals which repels the ants.

6. Kitchen ingredients: Well, when we talk about the home-made remedies to tackle the ant infestation, Indeed the spices do make a place to mention. Black pepper and Cinnamon are the varied set of spices which can be used to treat the pest infestation in any accommodation.

Method: The crushed pepper and cinnamon solution can be placed at the commonplaces where ants have been spotted frequently.

7. Common salt: Common salt being one of the most common ingredients of kitchen and a ready to use home remedy dispose  ants can be also be used dispose the ants in effective manner.

Method: Spraying small pinches of common slats in the nook and corner of the house can also bring good results. Whereby in other cases, the salt admixed with boiling water can be sprayed in the ants spotted places for more of visible good results.

8. Fresh Garlic: Slices of garlic are found to contain abundant antioxidant properties which have a deferring effect to the nearby infestation of any kind of ants growing around.

Method: The garlic slices can be crushed and kept nearby in the places of ant houses or trails. The strong Pungent odor of the freshly cut slices would release the prominent effect around the place leading to repel the ants.

The bottom line:

While having learnt about the various home remedies dispose ants which could be used on point, one can also look for the professional pest control services around for how dispose  ants permanently. The team of Melbourne Pest Control is one of the high in class team of pest control professional which can provide you with the resolute cleanliness and efficacious pest control.