How to clean a toilet?

Cleaning the toile is definitely not a pleasant task, but still, it is a pretty important one. As the toilet seat is used continuously throughout the day, there is a need to disinfect it. But it does not have to be hectic work. Here are some instructions that can show you how to clean a toilet in the easiest and effective way. 

Gathering your supplies:

Below is a complete list of all the items that you will need for the cleaning of your toilet. Be sure to collect them beforehand, so you do not have to top in between to collect the materials

  • Paper towels
  • Disinfectant wipes and sprays
  • Gloves
  • A toilet bowl cleaner containing hydrogen peroxide or oxygen bleach
  • A tough toilet brush
  • A pumice stone and a stick
  1. Cleaning the outside:

While cleaning the commode, do not only focus on the insides but also pay attention to the outside. Pour some disinfectant on the outer side of the bowl, especially on the hard-to-reach areas. Also, try to clean the surrounding walls of the toilet because sometimes, during flushing, the water from the bowl splashes on these walls and provides a space for harmful microorganisms to settle on. 

After spraying the disinfectant on the outside of the toilet, let it stay there for at least 10 minutes before wiping it off. While the disinfectant is doing its work on the outside, you can start cleaning the inside of the toilet.

  1. Cleaning the bowl of a toilet:

Pouring a disinfectant directly on the bowl can make it dilute because the water in the toilet reduces its efficiency. So, it is always better to drain the bowl before applying any disinfectant to it. For this purpose, turn the water off and flush the toilet once and you are done.

Now, you have to make the cleaning mixture. Mix equal amounts of salt, baking soda, and oxygen bleach. Sprinkle the mixture in the bowl. Baking soda can remove the build-ups in the bowl, and the salt acts as an abrasive while the oxygen bleach does the main cleaning and disinfecting work. You can also use equal portions of vinegar and baking soda for an extra clean toilet. Use the cleaning mixture liberally and let it stay there for at least 10 minutes.

  1. Wiping the bowl:

Always prefer to use disposable paper towels to wipe off the bowl instead of cloth. Be sure to throw them away instantly. 

  1. Removing stains:

Use a stiff toilet brush to give a good scrub inside the toilet bowl to clean out all the nasty stains. To clean the rust-colored stains, use a pumice stone to rub them and then flush to clean away the bowl.


Be sure to follow the instructions clearly to get the best results. Using these simple steps, you can get done with this necessary task in the easiest and efficient way.