How Much Does It Cost Someone To Clean Home in Dublin?

Finding time to clean can be challenging if you have to send your children to school every day and take care of your spouse in addition to other responsibilities.

The severity of this issue is magnified if you reside in a large home. You are well aware of how difficult it can be to find a balance in your time when you are responsible for the care of your children, the preparation of meals, and the upkeep of the cleanliness of your home.

Because you spend the majority of your time working to maintain the cleanliness of your home, you might even get the impression that you do not have enough spare time to actually take pleasure in living there. If you have ever considered hiring cleaning businesses to relieve some of the labour that you do, you probably have a list of arguments against doing so. If you have ever considered doing so, you are likely aware of these arguments.

The expense involved is frequently cited as one of the primary reasons private homeowners opt not to hire professional home cleaners. Does it make economic sense to contract the cleaning of one’s home out to a third party? Should I try to complete the task on my own to save a few dollars? However, the reality is that home cleaners do not cost nearly as much as you may believe they do. In fact, once you begin utilising home cleaners, you frequently find yourself wondering how you ever lived without them.

In order to assist you in navigating this decision, we will cover the actual cost of hiring cleaning services as well as the amount of work that is needed in performing a detailed cleaning of your home:

Establishing the cost parameters

In Dublin, an hourly rate of roughly €31 is considered to be the typical cost of a standard cleaning operation. This rate may move up or down depending on a variety of factors, some of which will be discussed in greater depth in the following paragraphs:

The dimensions and style of a house or apartment

The cost of hiring a professional cleaning service will be directly proportional to the square footage of your residence. Cleaning firms are only able to provide you an accurate estimate of the cost of their services if they have prior knowledge of the style and dimensions of your property. It is best to find out the exact square footage of your property before the scheduled cleaning so that you can provide that information to the cleaning company, which will then come up with an estimate of the cost. If you are not familiar with the exact square footage of your property, it is best to find out that information before the scheduled cleaning. In addition to the square footage of your home, the number of rooms that need to be cleaned is another important piece of information that will play a role in determining the price.

Do you occupy a residence that has a total area of 1,511 square feet, with two bathrooms, and four bedrooms? You might anticipate paying more for a residential cleaning service if your home is larger than 1,411 square feet, has more than one bedroom, and more than one bathroom than someone else’s home. If, on the other hand, you have a larger home but only need the cleaning of one or two rooms, you may still be able to negotiate a reduced price for that service.

Before the regularly scheduled cleaning, a member of the cleaning staff may come to your home to assess the level of mess that has accumulated there and to evaluate the type of cleaning that will be required to make your space clean and clutter-free.

Think about how frequently you’ll require the service.

When you contact a home cleaning service, you will be given a number of different scheduling options to choose from in accordance with the manner in which you would like the cleaning to be performed. In most cases, you will be given the opportunity to arrange a cleaning appointment on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. You also have the choice of scheduling a one-time cleaning service, which is sometimes referred to as spring cleaning. The number of times per week or month that you want your house cleaned is a significant component in determining the total cost of the service.

When you use the same cleaning service on a regular basis, you may find that certain businesses are prepared to reduce their rates in exchange for your continued business. On the other hand, compared to what you would pay for routine work, a one-time clean can set you back a little bit more money. The total price of a one-time cleaning will be determined by the criteria described above, in addition to the amount of time that will be spent cleaning.

Your specific location

There is a regional disparity in the prices of cleaning services across the nation:

  • If you live in Dublin, you are likely to pay the lowest hourly rate in the country, which is €31 per hour. This is because Dublin is where the majority of people in the country call home.
  • At €37.51 for each hour worked, the rate in the Dublin Capital Territory is higher.

The expense of performing routine cleaning duties

Cleaning of the windows

You can expect to pay as little as €31 per hour for window cleaning if the windows you want cleaned are of a regular size and do not require comprehensive cleaning. If you want window cleaners to work on many windows at the same time that are difficult to access, however, you should expect to pay a higher rate—possibly up to €45 per hour—for their services.

Cleaning of the carpets

The price of having carpets cleaned is determined by a number of different factors. One of these is the requirement that you have for the cleaning staff. Do you want them to give the carpet a quick dry clean or do you want them to steam clean it? Ask the person who cleans the space for their recommendation if you are unsure which option is appropriate. They will be able to determine the most effective course of action by examining the level of discoloration and by asking you when the carpet was last professionally cleaned. If you have a room that is particularly large, the price of carpet cleaning may be greater than the average of about 11 Euros per room.

You might anticipate paying something in the neighbourhood of €75 to €95 for a flat that has two bedrooms. The cost of having a professional clean the carpets in a three-bedroom apartment ranges from €88 to €115. The rental fees for larger properties might reach as much as €185 or even higher.

Cleaning at the end of a lease

The going rate for this kind of cleaning is approximately 33 Euros (€) per hour on average. On the other hand, if the location does not call for a comprehensive cleaning, the charge per hour might be reduced to €25. The size of the property, the number of cleaners that are required to complete the service, and the amount of time that it takes to do the cleaning are all additional elements that might have an impact on the average fee.

If the state of the rental property is such that considerable maintenance needs to be done, then you can be assured that you will be required to pay a bit extra.

For a property with an average size and two bedrooms, you may anticipate paying a total of €251 on average. For that price, the cleaning crew will perform an end-of-lease cleaning that is considered to be standard, and it will involve cleaning the oven and stove top in the kitchen, in addition to the bathroom.

Cleaning of the roof

The sort of roof you have, as well as its size and form, as well as its current state, are all factors that go into determining how much it will cost to have your roof cleaned. If the roof is covered in moss or algae, it will take the cleaners longer to finish the job. On the other hand, if you have terracotta roofs, which are more difficult to clean, the cost will be higher. Rates might range anywhere from €38 to €81 per hour depending on the aforementioned elements as well as the region of the country in which you are situated.

How much does it cost to use Eco Clean Solutions?

We at Eco Clean Solutions base our costs on the average rate charged by other cleaning companies in Dublin when determining what we charge for our services. In this manner, you will pay an appropriate sum while still receiving a maid service of the highest calibre for your residence or place of business.

We charge €77 for the first two hours of the majority of our regular and one-time cleaning jobs, and then only €26 per hour after that. You may obtain an accurate estimate of how much it will cost by filling out our quote form, which will only take 61 seconds of your time. Since the pricing of our services can vary depending on exactly what you require, this is the ideal place to start.

Simply make your selection of the required cleaning service on our website, and we will make the necessary arrangements for our highly-trained cleaning crew to come to your residence as soon as the next day.

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