How Many Solar Panels Should You Buy for Your Home?

 Electric bills are too high right now, right?

Some people even worry that their bills might get too high and get taken off their plan by the energy companies. So far, Americans have little to fear. The energy market has plenty of room to keep using electricity without getting kicked off their plan, but others might not feel so sure.

Solar panel costs have come down in recent years, which means more households have made the switch. But many people aren’t sure how many solar panels they should buy at this point in time.

So, how many solar panels do you need? You’re going to want to read this article to find out.

Electricity Consumption

Home solar panels depend on the electricity consumption of your home. If your home has a low electricity consumption, you may need fewer solar panels than if it has a high electricity consumption.

Generally, it is recommended to buy residential solar technology based on the average electricity consumption of your home. For a home with an average electricity consumption of 1.5 kWh, the recommended size of solar panel installation is around 1.5kW to 2kW.

When in doubt, it is best to consult with a solar panel specialist about the size of the solar panel installation to meet your electricity needs. In any case, the more solar panels you install, the more electricity from solar power you will be able to generate for your home.

Sun Exposure

The number of solar panels you should purchase for your home depends largely on the amount of sun exposure your property receives. The more sunlight your home gets, the more solar panels you will need in order to generate enough energy to power your home.

To calculate the most effective and efficient number of solar panels for your home, you should use a local solar map to estimate the amount of solar exposure your home receives on a given day.

Knowing how much sun your property and roof receive will help you easily determine how many panels you’ll need. You will also want to consider any governmental incentives, such as tax credits.

Solar Panel Power Rating

When considering how many solar panels you should buy for your home, you should consider the solar panel power rating. This rating indicates the amount of power a single solar panel can generate in a given period, usually in watts per hour.

A higher rating generally means a better, more efficient panel. If you purchase panels with a rating of 320 Watts, for example, then four panels together could generate around 1280 Watts of energy.

However, if you buy panels with a higher rating, such as 370 Watts, then you could generate less energy with three panels (1110 Watts). Ultimately, the number of solar panels you buy will depend on the size of your roof and the amount of energy you want to generate. 

Explore How Many Solar Panels You Need for Your Home

By understanding your energy consumption and calculating your solar panel system size, you can determine how many solar panels you should buy for your home.

Purchasing the right amount of solar panels for your home could save you money and help you to achieve your energy savings goals. Talk to a certified solar installer today and get closer to a greener, healthier future!

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