Make your home windows energy efficient

Windows are an architectural feature that instant connection with the outside world. It allows light and fresh air in and maintain privacy and light control. However, windows are a significant factor in allowing air to escape leading to high energy bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, windows contribute to 25% of annual heating and cooling costs as a result of leakage of air through them. 

Investing in such window treatments is one very convenient and affordable solution to making your windows energy efficient. Let’s begin.

Cellular ShadesCellular Shades in Orlando Due to their honeycomb-like construction, they can trap air within the pockets offering excellent insulation. Shades with two cells provide the best results. These shades have the highest energy efficiency value. You can pick from top-down or bottom-up styles and control the amount of sunlight coming indoors. 

Drapery – You can pick drapery as an extra insulation layer over your blinds and shades. Draperies offer huge options in colors, style, texture, and fabrics. For summers, you can pick the sheer shades, and thicker, medium-colored materials will be perfect for the chilly cold winters. Blackout shades are suitable for bedrooms and nurseries for enjoying restful sleep. Another advantage of draperies is that you can change them as and when you want without requiring professional help. 

Shutters – They not only save you huge on your energy bills but also add to the overall value. Shutters have fewer gaps than other window treatments like shades or blinds as they get installed to the window frame. The adjustable louvers come in varied thicknesses allowing you complete control over the light coming in and maintaining optimum temperatures. 

Solar Shades – If you are looking for insulation without compromising the view, solar shades are a great pick. They act as a barrier saving you from the harmful UV rays and allowing you to enjoy a beautiful outside view. They come in multiple transparencies, from sheer to blackout options. They offer complete privacy during the daytime; however, pair them up with other window treatments for night use. 

Roman Shades – Roman Shades Orlando are generally made of thick insulating materials and are an excellent energy-efficient window treatment. They also come in various fabrics, colors, and styles and fit into every décor – modern or traditional. You can buy them top-down or bottom-up, allowing you greater control over privacy and light.