Handyman Kitchen Remodelling Cost in Fairfax, Virginia 

There is a common saying that the “Kitchen is the soul of your house.” Everyone wants their kitchen to look incredible and clean while making food. You might be thinking of calling a handyperson to remodel your kitchen. However, it would be best to compare those charges with your budget. 

Here, you can handily assess the costs of a handyman’s kitchen Cabinet remodelling. You have to spare a few moments to read this blog to understand the rates and the factors that can affect charges. 

How Much Does a Professional Cost for a Kitchen Transformation? 

When considering the expenses associated with a new kitchen, it’s essential to assess the pricing models adopted by different companies. For instance, businesses like Jim the Handyman employ varied pricing strategies that hinge on factors such as the extent of the work needed and the specific geographic area. Extensive research and customer feedback have revealed a broad cost range for kitchen remodeling projects, spanning from $17,000 to $65,000. The pricing structure may vary, with some professionals opting for a fixed rate based on square footage, while others calculate costs on an hourly basis. Understanding these pricing dynamics helps individuals make informed decisions when budgeting for their new kitchen project.

1. Cost per square foot

The average per square cost that a handymen professional can charge is $75 to $250. Hence, if your kitchen has a large area, it will cost more, while a small kitchen can be budget-friendly. You can analyse the budget by asking per square rate and multiplying by your kitchen area. 

2. Cost per hour

The per-hour price depends upon the specialist working on remodelling your kitchen. The fixed-rate is always better than the per hour rate because if the professional is going to spend 5 hours while the work is just 2 hours, you have to pay the handy person who’s doing work for you. 

Factors that Affect Kitchen Remodelling Costs In Fairfax, VA

Various elements can increase or decrease the rate of kitchen remodelling. The professionals of trustworthy companies like Jim the handyman, will send their specialists to your place to analyse the budget. Here are the basic things that can boost or lower the prices. 

  1. Here are the few aspects that will expand your expenses
  • Vast kitchen area. 
  • Modifications of walls. 
  • Premium flooring products like substantial wood.
  • Installation of custom closets. 
  • Immediate work. 
  • Replacement of all equipment and gadgets. 
  • Alternation of floors. 
  • Requirement of new lids and spouts. 
  1. Aspects that will minimise costs and manage your budget. 
  • Small kitchen area. 
  • Reuse of hoods and vents. 
  • Use of existing equipment and appliances. 
  • Reinstall only the particular aspects of your kitchen. 
  • Refusing the installation of new floors. 
  • Do not need work to be done immediately. 
  • No modifications of walls are required.

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Kitchen Remodelling Cost Based on Kitchen Size

The size of the kitchen directly affects the fee of a handyman’s professional. Here are the estimated prices of kitchen redo depending upon the kitchen’s surface area.  

1. Small Kitchen Renovation

If you’re renovating your small kitchen, it will cost considerably less than the large kitchens. The average cost for a small kitchen redesign varies from $17000 to $24000. The small kitchen doesn’t take much time and needs only little changes. 

2. Medium Kitchen Renovation

The cost while renovating a medium-sized kitchen can be higher than that of a small-sized kitchen. The regular charges for remodelling the medium kitchen are $34000 to $48000. The medium kitchen takes more time because of the increased surface area.

3. Large Kitchen Renovation

When you think of renovating your large kitchen, you should increase your budget. The estimated price of transformation of your large kitchen is $46000 to $65000. The cost of a large kitchen will increase because it takes significantly more time and needs more modifications to enhance the appearance of your kitchen. 

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this writing will help you remodel your kitchen without a heavy budget. You have to compare prices with the area of your kitchen.