Guide to Styling your Loft Conversion into an Attic Bedroom

Loft spaces are rarely used to their full potential. In most homes in the UK, just a fraction of the available floorspace is exploited, and then mostly as a dumping ground for various items that haven’t found use elsewhere in the building. With the right conversion, however, you might transform your loft space into an attic bedroom, thereby adding functionality and value to your home. 

If you’ve just finished converting your loft for this purpose, then you might wonder how best to style the space. Let’s take a look at a few worthwhile tweaks.

Storage Space

Prebuilt shelving and storage units tend to suffer in lofts. Since the ceiling is sloped, those right angles tend to create empty space around the back and top of the unit. You can eliminate this waste with the help of made-for-purpose wardrobes and bookshelves.

Dressers, bedside tables, and under-bed storage will also serve the same purpose; cumulatively, they can have a powerful space-saving effect!


Loft insulation will help you to save on your energy bills. If you’re using the loft as a living space, then you’ll need the insulation itself to be in the ceiling, rather than in the floor. Since all of the heat in the property will rise to the roof, which in turn will absorb plenty of sunlight throughout the day, you might end up with a hot space during summer – which can be bad for your sleep. As such, it’s worth investing in air conditioning, and openable skylights.  


With a few simple touches, you can easily bring an attic bedroom into stylistic alignment with the rest of your home. 


Your choice of paint has just as big an impact in a loft space as it does elsewhere. Look for the opinion of the person who’ll be sleeping there. Pale blues, greens and purples tend to work nicely. Bear in mind if you’re reselling that neutral shade will appeal to a broader cross-section of potential buyers.


Without the right lighting, the space is sure to look dingy. Spread multiple lights across the room, at various heights. 


A rug or two will help to make the room, giving it an aesthetic centre to orbit around. Pick something that’s large enough for your furniture to sit on top, without risk of certain items hanging on the edge.

The Bed

The most important item of furniture in your attic bedroom is, naturally, the bed. Look for something that’ll fit into the space without dominating it, and remember that the ceiling may be lower. This might restrict scope for mezzanine beds, and it might mean that larger beds mean that you’re hitting your head on the ceiling as you get out. Plan everything out with tape on the floor before you go to the trouble of hauling a Super King mattress up into the loft.

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