Furniture trends of 2021

Yep, it’s 2021, and this year like the last, has been very important home design trends, furniture included. The aftermath of COVID-19 has had many of us cooped up in our homes, and with that, we can’t help but think about our surroundings. And even as we try to return to normalcy, there is no denying the influence the pandemic has had on how we live in our homes and how they look. The time we spent indoors has made us more aware of our interiors and furniture is a big part of it. 

Homeowners in 2021 are vigilant about their space make-overs, and to do so, they have to stay in the loop of the fading trends and what trends are in. Furniture has become an integral part of the home, and apart from being functional, they are becoming pieces with more say in the home, more so in upheaving the curb appeal. So if you are going to update your space with fashionable furniture, some digging is necessary on your end, but no need to stray too far because here’s a little inspiration for a head start. 

6 Furniture trends we’ll be seeing in spaces 2021

  1. Mismatching furniture is fashionable

Remember when matching furniture sets was about showcasing your personal style? Well, not anymore. Identical furniture is becoming a design flaw, and experts are calling it outdated. Mismatching is the new fashion, where homeowners get to pick complementary pieces that do not match. You can play around with designs, colors, and different tones to bring character to the space. 

  1. Curves are in 

If you are stuck on what design to go with when picking your furniture, curved is the way to go in 2021. Curvy and flowing shapes are making a comeback since they first stepped into the spotlight in the 1950s. Finally, you can find the perfect rounded wooden piece to inject freshness into your space. 

  1. Minimalism

Give any thought to going minimal? 2021 is your chance because less is more when it comes to picking furniture for your room. To bring some airiness into the space, homeowners are fusing form and function and cutting down the list of pieces making it into their spaces. The goal is to take up as little space, and restrained silhouettes are doing a good job. 

  1. Granny chic style is on the rise

Chic and sleek is taking a back seat, and the homey style is taking the wheel. With many people still abiding by health restrictions by working remotely, creating a comfortable space is a priority. Many are choosing to add touches with vintage and antique pieces. Experts call it the grand millennial style, where homeowners add traditional style to their modern homes. Rich wood tones and intricate designs in furniture are making their way into the home. It’s time to bring out the passed-down family wooden credenza, as this is a trend worth hopping on. 

  1. Natural materials

Spending most of our 2020 indoors has left many homeowners yearning for a deeper connection with their interior. Wood, stone, wicker, just to mention a few, took the crown in 2020, and we expect them to stick around for a while; and with their durability, you can consider your investment worthwhile. So are you looking to give life to your space? A beautiful wooden piece from may just be the thing you need to level up your style in 2021. 

  1. Cozy over concept

If 2020 taught us anything, our homes are our sanctuaries, so it is only right that any adjustments we make should gear towards making it even more so. The ‘out of a magazine’ look is no longer practical; thus, comfort is taking charge. So what does comfy look like? Warm colors, chestnut woods, and sink into furniture are earning favor with many, and why shouldn’t they? If you will be cooped up in one space, would you rather be in one that makes you feel all fuzzy inside?

It seems like far away when our homes were only part of our lives, a place to put our feet up at the end of our long workdays and resetting on the weekends. COVID-19 has changed all that with our homes housing almost everything we do now. Our homes have become our workplace, exercise, and even socializing ground (virtually, of course). If our homes should continue to be our safe space, isn’t it time to adjust our space to fit our new normal? This piece should give you some ideas on the way to go furniture-wise. Use it as an inspiration guide to know what’s hot in 2021 and upscale your space.