Safety Tips for Working on Your Property This Winter

What duties do you have to perform on your property this winter? Whether shoveling the driveway, removing snow from your roof or putting up holiday decorations, you need to know how to do things right to stay safe. Otherwise, you might put yourself at grave risk.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’ll be doing any work on your property this winter.

Be Mindful of Weather Conditions

Your first order of business is always to be mindful of weather conditions. If the meteorologist is calling for freezing rain or bitterly cold weather, you might want to postpone whatever outside work you were considering for the day. Doing work outdoors can be hard enough. There‘s no need to make things harder on yourself by taking unnecessary risks. 

Dress for the Occasion

If you head outdoors during the winter, wear layers of clothes. Doing so will keep your body warm by providing insulation from the elements and two wicking away sweat. When you wear layers, you’ll also be able to remove and add clothing as needed during the day. 

You must also cover your head when doing any work outdoors. If you want to keep your entire head warm, get a balaclava that protects your head and face. Ensure you have an insulated coat or jacket, gloves, and boots so that your entire body, including your extremities, is covered up. You’ll be able to endure anything mother nature throws at you if you’re dressed for the weather. And you’ll be able to avoid frostbite or catching a cold.

Clear Your Work Area

If you’re going to do anything outside, like string up holiday lights or clean off the roof, ensure your working area is safe. That means clearing away snow and ice, and applying salt or sand, so the area isn’t slippery. Slip, trip, and fall accidents aren’t pleasant. They can lead to serious injuries that adversely impact your quality of life over the long term. You can reduce the chances of anything untoward if you prepare the area before getting to work.

Stay Hydrated

While you might not feel like drinking water while out in the cold, staying hydrated is essential. Bring a water bottle to sip from as you do your outdoor work. If you work hard outdoors for an extended period, you could get dehydrated. And this can adversely impact your concentration, which is the last thing you’ll want. You need to be focused to stay safe.

Use Equipment Safety

You’ll also want to ensure you use equipment safely when working outside. In addition to using your snowblower correctly, you’ll also want to ensure you use your ladder properly. Too many people end up in hospital emergency rooms to seek medical care after ladder accidents. 

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, common causes of ladder injuries include but are not limited to losing one’s balance, mounting or dismounting the ladder the wrong way, and missing a step when climbing or disembarking from the ladder. But ladder safety isn’t just an issue on residential properties. Ladder falls happen to be the primary cause of death on construction sites. So, you need to be mindful when using a ladder.

Here are some tips that’ll help you stay safe when using a ladder outside your home:

  • Don’t leave a raised ladder unattended
  • Avoid placing a ladder on an uneven or slippery surface
  • Never place a ladder in front of a door that will be accessed when the ladder is in use
  • Avoid climbing a ladder when there’s a lot of wind, snow, or rain
  • Never skip rungs when climbing or descending a ladder
  • Don’t use a ladder that’s partially closed or that’s leaning against a wall

If you are doing any outdoor work on your property this winter, you’ll want to keep these recommendations in mind. You can’t ignore maintenance and other tasks just because the temperature dips, and it’s not as pleasant to work outside in the winter as in the summer. 

You’ll be able to do what you need to while staying safe and sound if you go about things correctly.


Ubaid Soomro
Ubaid Soomro
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