Fixes to Common Samsung TV Problems 

Smart TVs have changed the face of entertainment for all of us. It has become more convenient and accessible, coming with a wide range of applications and TV shows that viewers can choose from. The Samsung Smart TV may be smart, but every gadget and electronic device is vulnerable to technical problems. And there are many common problems that a Samsung TV user may encounter. And this is where we come into the picture. 

We have provided a detailed guide to all the common problems of Samsung TV and hope that it gets solved immediately if you have any of the problems! Now let’s get straight to the problems – 

  • An app is not functioning on your Samsung TV

Sometimes, some app on your Samsung Smart TV stops working – it either is not launching, or whenever it opens, it starts to lag and then crashes eventually. If you have faced such a problem, the good thing is that the problem is a common one and can be fixed easily. There are a number of ways in which this problem can be solved. 

  • Cold booting your Samsun Smart TV

Cold booting your Samsung Smart TV means shutting your TV until it restarts again. You can either do this by holding down the power button for some time until the TV switches off and restarts again or by unplugging the TV and waiting for at least 25-30 seconds before plugging and switching the TV back again. 

  • Ensure that the apps on your TV are updated 

Often, the apps do not work on the TV as there might be a newer version available for the device and therefore need to be updated. You can update your apps on Google’s Play Store and try to relaunch the app again. 

  • Check for the TV’s firmware

If all methods fail, you might want to check your TV’s firmware, as there are chances that the app is no longer compatible with your TV. In that case, you check for updates to your TV’s firmware. 

To check for a firmware update, go to ‘Settings’ ->’ Support.’ Then, click on ‘Software Update’ on the drop-down menu. Check for updates and if there are any, click on ‘Update Now.’ Once the update is installed, it is advisable to give your TV a cold reboot. 

  1. Your Samsung TV screen has turned blank

This is another common problem that you often experience in smart TVs. A blank screen could be for various reasons: a faulty connection between your set-top box and your TV or some loose cables. To check for this problem, you should:

  • Check if all the cables have been put properly.
  • Check if there is no other device connected that is hampering your screen. 
  • Check for the power supply. It can be that your capacitor is at fault. If you think your capacitor is broken or there might be a leak, you should consider going to an authorized customer care or repair center to get your capacitor fixed.
  1. Your Samsung TV is flickering 

If your TV is flickering, you might want to go through the following steps: 

  • Give your smart TV a cold reboot because there are so many processes being carried out by your TV that it can cause lags and flickering. 
  • There might be a problem with your power supply. You can check your capacitor and get in touch with an authorized repair center in case of doubts. 
  1. Your Samsung TV’s Volume is stuck, or there is no sound

If you are suffering from “my Samsung TV volume is stuck,” or there is no sound at all, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Check your TV’s remote. See if the volume is not set at mute or if the volume buttons are not stuck in the remote. 
  • Check if the TV is connected to external audio systems like speakers. If Bluetooth speakers are used, unpair the device and then pair again before use. 
  • Recheck your cable connections or internet connection to make sure that the problem is not from the streaming side. 
  • If your volumes are sometimes either too high or too low, you need to change your audio settings. Simply, go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Audio Settings’ -> Turn off 3D Audio features. It is advisable to reset your TV after this step. 
  1. Your Samsung TV is not connecting to your Wi-Fi network

There can be situations when you are trying to endlessly connect your Wi-Fi and your smart TV, but your TV is unable to connect or authenticate your network. What should you do in such scenarios?

  • You should check if devices like your mobile phone and laptop, etc., are able to connect to the Wi-Fi network. You can disconnect some devices from your home network and try connecting your TV instead. If this works, it means your Wi-Fi network was just loaded. 
  • If your problem still persists, you should try rebooting your Samsung TV and your Wi-Fi router. Once the rebooting is done, try connecting the TV to the Wi-Fi. 
  • If none of the above methods work, you will have to take the help of Samsung’s customer support service. 
  1. You cannot find the apps you installed or downloaded

There may be times when Smart Hub, Samsung’s menu system, does not show the app that you have downloaded or installed successfully. In that case –

  • You can choose to Factory Reset your TV by choosing the ‘Factory Reset’ options in the Support settings. 
  • If a security pin is prompted, put ‘0000’ and press ‘confirm.’ 
  • Now your TV will be reset to its factory version. Now check for your apps, and if the problem still persists, you must get the help of Samsung’s support care.  


As we pointed out earlier, a smart TV can be of various benefits, but there are times when it has to go through problems due to faulty connections, storage problems, overloading processes, and whatnot. It is always wiser to be aware of the medicines to prevent the cures. That is why we have listed solutions to some of the most common problems of Samsung TVs that you might face. By using the above fixes, you can get back your entertainment in no time!

Humna Chaudhary
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