5 Common Mistakes with Residential Roof Repairs and How to Avoid Them

There’s a storm gathering. You can see it in the clouds. The wind is picking up. The pressure’s rising.

A few shingles are starting to loosen. The problem has got to be addressed, and you need to do it fast. You’ve never made repairs to your residential roof before. What’s the first step?

If you jump in with both feet, you could end up with a bigger fix than the original problem. As such, you need to know the common mistakes with residential roof repairs that are made when undertaking roof repairs.

Here are the mistakes to avoid.

1. Not Assessing Damage Before Making Repairs

Assessing damage before repairing roof damage is the most common mistake of professional roofers. If a roofing company fails to adequately assess the damage prior to making a repair, they can permanently damage the roof, leaving the homeowner with a costly, potentially hazardous problem.

All damaged sections should be meticulously inspected, and any damaged materials should be completely removed to prevent further damage and ensure a successful repair.

2. Don’t Overlook Important Safety Protocols

One of the most common mistakes with residential roof repair is failing to take safety protocols into account. Without adhering to these safety protocols, dangerous and costly slips, falls, and injuries can occur. Before a repair is made, it is essential that the area is safe and secure.

This means proper scaffolding is set up if needed, along with correctly secured harnesses and protective gear. Before using any tools, they should be checked and maintained, and ladders and other equipment should be secure in place. 

3. Doing the Job on Your Own

One of the most common mistakes made when dealing with residential roof repairs is attempting to tackle the job on your own with insufficient knowledge. Proper roof repair is complicated and could affect the structural integrity of your roof if done incorrectly.

Some types of roof repairs, such as fixing loose shingles, flashing, sealing large cracks, or applying paints and varnishes, are minor and can be done on your own, but if the damage is widespread, it is best to seek professional assistance. 

4. Not Taking Time to Inspect for Other Damage

When it comes to mistakes with residential roof repairs, one common mistake homeowners make is not taking time to inspect for other damage. It is easy to focus on the obvious signs of damage, but it is important to look for all signs of damage, both above and below the surface.

This may include damage to siding, flashing, wood framing, and other surrounding materials. Ventilation and insulation should also be inspected. Problems in any of these areas could lead to further issues down the road, such as excessive condensation, mold, or water damage. 

5. Using The Wrong Type of Materials for Repairs

Using the wrong type of material for a specific repair task can be dangerous, lead to weather damage and create a weak spot on the roof where more damage can occur.

Homeowners should research and carefully consider the different roofing materials for repair before making a purchase. Shingles, tiles, and other materials need to be properly tested for strength, durability, and fire rating before any kind of residential roof repair. 

Learn About Mistakes With Residential Roof Repairs

It is important to avoid the common mistakes with residential roof repairs. It saves time, money, and peace in the long run. Every homeowner should review the common mistakes and research their particular needs to ensure a beneficial and successful repair.

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