Easter traditions to embrace this year

With 2020 and New Year celebrations in the books and 2021 in full swing, fans of festivities will already be looking forward to the next big celebration. So, what’s up next on the calendar? The answer is the chocoholic’s favourite time of year – easter.

You might have already noticed some crème eggs sneaking onto the shelves of supermarkets along with tasty looking easter eggs – indeed, you may have already indulged! Easter isn’t just about chocolate, though, and the days surrounding the 4th April this year provide families with the opportunity to take part in a variety of traditional, fun and engaging activities.

If you’re thinking of making something of Easter 2021, here are three of the staple, sure fire hit ideas you and your loved ones can get involved with.

An easter egg hunt

Want to make people work for their chocolate? Why not hide your easter eggs around the house and get the family searching high and low for them?

Of course, the easter egg hunt can go a lot further than a fun rummage around the house and it doesn’t have to involve chocolate. You can create puzzle clues for a treasure hunt style quiz, create a nature scavenger hunt around the garden or local park or even introduce a QR code powered hunt for the tech heads. In fact, there are all sorts of easter egg hunt ideas to take advantage of, whether your hunt is for family, friends or a significant other.

Decorating your eggs

The good thing about easter egg painting and colouring is that it gives budding artists free reign in terms of what sort of egg-based masterpiece they want to create. A really simple, easy going and affordable way to keep the kids entertained over the break, you can set a theme or create a mini competition for the family. If you don’t have the eggs or the paint, you can do a simple drawing and decorating activity on paper.

Egg painting is especially engaging and rewarding for the little ones as it encourages creativity and they get to see their newly decorated eggs take pride of place around the home. It’s also a great way to spend some time with your children and see them enjoying themselves.

Making an Easter Sunday feast

If the activity side of easter doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can always rely on the other major element of the festivities – food – and lots of it.

What better way to celebrate on the Sunday than with a good old fashioned roast dinner with all the trimmings? Easter Sunday meals traditionally incorporate a baked ham or spring lamb as the centrepiece with plenty of roast potatoes and veg around it. Naturally with it being easter, plenty of sweet foods are also recommended. Think hot cross buns, jam tarts and easter themed cupcakes as well as the chocolate eggs to make sure everyone’s sweet tooth is covered over the holiday.

Make easter this year one to remember with these traditional activity ideas. With plenty of fun and food to be enjoyed, easter provides all of us with a great excuse to make some memories with our nearest and dearest.

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