Can A House Collapse From Foundation Issues?

The foundation is the base of your home. In modern homes, it is generally created as a large and thick concrete slab. This slab creates a solid and level base which allows the building of the house to take place. 

The walls are stood on the foundations and extend up to the roof, allowing the roof to tie the house together. The foundation is effectively the load-bearing part, evenly distributing the weight of the walls and roof and helping the house to stand tall for many years.

An issue with your foundations could mean the collapse of your home.

That’s the short answer. But, in reality, it takes a long time for a small issue to become a big structural issue and cause your house to collapse.

In other words, if you investigate and repair the issue straight away, there is no reason for your house to fall down. 

But, it can happen, which is why you need to recognize the signs your home has an issue. You’ll then be able to get tests done, such as magnetic particle testing, to identify the exact issue and rectify it.

One of the most obvious signs that your property has foundation issues is when you start noticing some of the following features. 

Flooring becomes uneven

This doesn’t count if the house is really old and has always had uneven floors. But, in a house that has foundation issues, you are likely to start noticing a slope on the floor or it may rise and then fall again. 

This suggests that part of the house is sinking.

Doors start to be difficult to close

Doors and windows should be fitted flush. If the foundations are damaged then parts of the house will start to sink. This damages the alignment of doors and even windows, making them difficult to open and close. 

Mould and water damage is more common

Mould is usually a result of a damp environment. Water damage and mould often occur when moisture is seeping up through the foundations and into your home. Consistent water will create a mould that is harmful to your health. It will also undermine the foundations further, intensifying the issue. 


If you notice a crack in your wall then you shouldn’t panic. However, you should see how deep the crack is. The deeper it is the more concerning. This is particularly worrying if you go inside your home and find an identical crack. It suggests part of the house is sinking into the ground. 

This usually happens when the foundations are damaged and part of them start to sink. 

You’ll need to strengthen the foundations and re-tie the walls together. This can prevent the damage from getting any worse.

Act Fast

If you notice a potential issue with your home then get it assessed quickly. Foundation damage can cost a few thousand to repair when caught early. If left it can quickly move into tens of thousands, causing you serious issues. In other words, if you notice any of the above issues, get the structural surveyors to take a look.