10 Features to Make An Awesome Cafe Umbrella

Grab the pompoms, some outdoor fabric paint, and bring out the LED lights too, it’s time to add some color, personality, and music to your cafe umbrella. Sitting under an umbrella in your outdoor living space at home, during your breaks at work, or in an actual cafe brings comfort from external elements and also adds a feeling of enjoyment. 

Whether you’re running a little cafe in your neighborhood or planning a social get-together, there are plenty of ways you can liven up your umbrella. Just use your imagination and invent your own cool ideas. You can also take a look at what’s in the market, which may add longevity to your umbrella and give it a unique touch that takes your fancy. To get your creative juices flowing, here are our favorite top ten quirky features to make your cafe umbrella awesome. 

Your Brand Is Everything

If you’re a business owner running a stunning cafe and already have umbrellas in place to expand your outdoor space, have you taken the next step to brand your umbrellas? This is a super important feature as it showcases who you are as a business, and markets your brand to the outside world. 

Branding allows you to stand out in a crowd and be noticed. Let’s be honest, how many times have you passed an outdoor cafe and noticed the brand on the umbrella after relishing the delicious smell of food being served? The brand is everything. 

LED Lights

LED lighting could be everything you wanted it to be when serving customers at night in your outdoor space. It brings character and coziness while lighting up the night too. Plus, it certainly brightens up any outdoor gathering. You could be setting up some cafe umbrellas at a cool outdoor venue to host an evening festival or maybe you’re throwing a party in your own outside living space? By adding LED lighting, you can light up each umbrella and create a beautiful festive atmosphere. 

Bluetooth Technology Under The Umbrella

Technology always wins and inspires new ideas that can be incredibly fun. Yes, you guessed right! You may now add a Bluetooth feature to your cafe umbrellas. Bluetooth-enabled umbrellas can really set the mood for you and your guests when you add your favorite ambient music in the background. The Bluetooth speaker is usually embedded in the pole of the umbrella. So, now you can add both light and music to the umbrella without the need to connect to electricity. Most LED lights for cafe umbrellas come with a speaker feature as well. 

Secure Your Cafe Umbrella

A quality cafe umbrella  must be secured firmly to ensure that it can withstand strong winds.  Consider that it’s a necessary feature to have your cafe umbrella secured by a ground socket. This will ensure its durability and firmly keep your umbrella sturdy and in place to withstand strong winds. 

Paint A Sun-Faded Umbrella

Are you sitting with a cafe umbrella or two that are sun-faded and you can’t afford to replace all of them or some of them? Well, instead of moaning about the cost of replacing them, why not fix them up with a fresh new colorful layer of outdoor fabric paint. You could also consider new colors to add an element of change while sprucing them up to bring more life to your backyard or cafe. You really don’t have to dent your wallet everytime the sun fades out the color of your umbrellas. Think of it as an opportunity to change the outside decor. A change of color can do so much more to a place. 

Splatter Some Paint

Did you know that it is possible to have some fun with real paint and your cafe umbrellas? If you’re thinking about giving your cafe a fresh look or maybe you just want to color things up in your outdoor living space, you can always grab some outdoor fabric paint and simply splash and splatter it around your umbrella to give it a new artistic look. 

Bring Out Some Pompoms

If you are really feeling creative, then why not bring out some pompoms? Choose little pompoms, the kind you see on childrens’ clothes, then attach them to a strip of fabric and sew them on the ends of your cafe umbrella to give it a somewhat new, playful, and chic look for to outdoor space or cafe. Pompoms are always fun and cute. You could also spray paint them to add a unique colorful look using outside fabric paint once again. 

Outdoor Fabric

So maybe your umbrella hasn’t faded from the constant heat, but you’re just bored seeing the same plain color everyday and you’re thinking of practical ways to liven up the atmosphere and make some small but significant changes. Why not go shopping for some fabrics that you could cut into shapes and glue onto the umbrella. It’s a simple but creative solution.

Lace It Up

If you’re not sold to the idea of adding pompoms, then you can also consider other types of fabric to edge your umbrella with. Lace is still a popular and elegant choice to consider. Maybe you own a fancy café or tea house and you would prefer to add a more elegant look to improve the setting. Adding some delicate, pretty fabric to the edges of your umbrella will go a long way to change the entire look and feel of your cafe. Lace is also a favorite for umbrellas in gardens.  

cafe umbrella

Chinese Lanterns

What about Chinese lanterns? Yes, you bet you can secure some fun Chinese lanterns underneath your umbrella for special lighting that will give the place a whole new theme.  Not only are Chinese lanterns a creative way of bringing life to an event, but they are also beautiful paper decorations that symbolize good luck, friendship, and vitality. 


Now you know that you can do just about anything to your cafe umbrella and turn any event into a memorable affair. Paint it, light it up, and add some ambient music. Simply use some of these ideas to really spruce up the cafe umbrella. Large-sized cafe umbrellas when dressed up with new imaginative features can add a special touch of originality to the look and ambiance of your outdoor space and cafe. 

Khuwalid Khalid
Contact at Khuwalid.khalid@gmail.com

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