We’re EnjoyTheWood, glad Ukrainian creators behind 6 successful Kickstarter projects. 

Beginning around 2014, our Ukrainian🇺🇦 image Enjoy The Wood made rousing and significant items for individuals’ homes, workplaces and lives.. Presently Russia has taken our homes, made millions move away and become exiles.

We are not goona surrender. We will restart, reconstruct and recharge all that was annihilated! Don’t question it. Do you know our superpower? We’re Ukrainians! 🇺🇦

Assist us with restarting fabricating in Ukraine with a line of new wooden items that will communicate your assortment for Ukrainian individuals.

Allow us to acquaint you with “the Map on board» – the thought was propelled by your surveys and inventive thoughts. Dazzled by the broadness and profundity of your creative mind, we chose to pursue its heading and it is right here.

The Map is accessible in 2 choices – Triptych and Single board. We’ve made a sensible sea foundation with the photos of planes and boats imprinted on it and yet again planned the sea names to revive the entire picture. Made like a banner, the Map is placed into a dark edge – so polished.

With principal highlights!

  • Made in Ukraine by opportunity adoring Ukrainian individuals
  • We use eco-accommodating materials to handcraft our Maps (confirmed feasible birch pressed wood)
  • The Map is now introduced ready: requires only two or three minutes to introduce
  • It’s the ideal travel organizer and memory board
  • Comes prepared to gift
  • In the case you’ll find: a sensible sea foundation, the photos of planes and boats imprinted on it, re-planned sea names
  • Made like a banner, the Map is placed into a dark edge – so jazzy.
  • Accessible in one size and 2 sorts: Triptych and Single board
  • However, it is a significant beautification, not a genuine topographical guide. So a few more modest islands and puts might be precluded or imprinted ready.
  • With unique open door not to imprint assailant country on the guide and leave it clear.

Every one of you can make a commitment to the eventual fate of the Ukrainian public. By picking any of our proposed stylistic layout units, you can improve your home, yet additionally assist with remaking our own. Regardless of whether you are far away and have never been to Ukraine, by partaking in our task you will end up being a piece of something extraordinary and genuine. Just before your eyes, the urban areas will be revamped and everything destroyed by assaults will be reestablished. We will be the extension that will interface the entire world.

We’re the organization that has never surrendered. We endeavor to achieve our objectives, have confidence in the strength of our nation and our group. The point of this mission is to help the economy of Ukraine, restart our assembling and keep making the incredible items for you. We will assist the Ukrainian legends with making due and win, as well as modify urban areas that were unreasonably obliterated.

Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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