Best Ways to Update your Home

After time, we all grow tired of our home’s appearance, particularly if our belongings are looking old and worn. Despite this, we don’t always know what’s lacking from our homes, all we know is that they don’t excite us anymore. As the winter months approach, we will be spending more and more time in our homes to hide away from the bitter cold. Therefore, our homes should be as comfortable as possible; this can be achieved with the following hacks. 

New Windows

New windows are a great way to update your existing space, whether they’re made from wooden frames that are rotting away, aren’t double or triple glazed, or you just fancy a change. If you want to create a contemporary atmosphere, you might consider the installation of tilt and turn windows. These windows ensure secure ventilation and are practically maintenance-free, making them a great option for updating the windows in your home. 


New Switch Plates

Most switch plates are white, and they can slowly become yellow over time which isn’t very attractive. Similarly, white switch plates convey quite a dated appearance and look scraggy if they’ve been painted over. Switching out your switch plates for new ones will do wonders for your home’s appearance. Not only is this an easy way to freshen up your space but it’s also inexpensive! If you don’t have experience with electrics, you should contact a licensed electrician to minimize risk. 

Add Beadboard

Walls in the kitchen can discolor, peel, and attract mold due to the moisture that’s created from cooking. A charming way to amend this is to incorporate beadboard into your kitchen space. Beadboard is paneling that is embellished with pretty beading and rose in popularity during the Victorian era. It’s a cheaper alternative to tiles and, when properly cared for, it’s just as effective. Another benefit is that beadboard can be cut to any length, meaning that it can be adapted to any space. This is another simple hack to rejuvenate your space. 

Stain your Decking

Decking is very susceptible to taking a hit, particularly in adverse weather conditions, meaning that it’s often in need of a bit of TLC. Playing around with your decking can be a scary concept due to its size but it need not be a difficult, lengthy, or expensive process. Sometimes all your decking needs is a new color which you can achieve through a simple wood stain. This might enhance your decking’s existing color or change it completely. The power is in your hands. 


One of the simplest ways to update your home is to rejig the way that you store things. Your storage solutions can be transformed to be decorative when the right measures are implemented. 

For example, you might purchase some decorative jars, place them on your kitchen counter, and fill them with dried goods such as flour, sugar, coffee, cereal, pasta, and much more! Additionally, you might fold your towels neatly and stack them on your shelves in a decorative way. Similarly, you could colour code your books on your shelves to make them appear more aesthetically pleasing. The possibilities are endless when it comes to re-organizing your space to make it appear neater. 

Paint Furniture

Instead of throwing out old furniture and buying new, why not jazz up the furniture you already have? You’ll be surprised by what a lick of paint can do for your home, transforming drab objects into statement pieces. You don’t have to be greatly skilled, and the revamp doesn’t have to cost a bomb!

What changes will you make to update your home?

Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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