Best Carpets For Pets: A Complete Buying Guide

Training dogs to clean up their mess is impossible but living with them is absolutely fun. Hence, carpeting plays a vital role to deal with possible stains and odors caused by pets. It also helps to keep your house looking clean and more hygienic. 

Here is a complete guide in looking for the right carpet for your pets and what to avoid. 


How To Choose Pet-Friendly Carpets? 

Durability plays a vital role in buying carpets for they can withstand scratches when the pets play around. The best materials are nylon or polyester – both are animal-friendly and can last longer. 

Nylon carpeting is the most sturdy type of carpet that you could buy for your pets. It will be perfect for dogs that roam around your house more often or cats with excessive scratching issues. Moreover, homeowners can clean this carpeting material at ease. 

On the other hand, polyester carpeting is best in resisting stains caused by pets. The downside could be it cannot handle too much shedding. This is a great disadvantage especially when you own several pets that love to play around the house.  

Second, pet carpets should be stain-resistant so better pick dark-colored options as dogs or cats may leave their waste anywhere. They also shed hair that is hard to clean hence a darker carpet is an advantage. 

Below are other things to consider when selecting the best carpet for your pets:

  1. Pile height 

The height of the carpet fibers is essential to ensure your pet’s comfort all the time. Cleaning the carpet is much easier with low-pile carpets thus a good choice for pets with a shedding problem. But, it is only made of fibers that are delicate to scratches and can be ruined immediately.

Better choose a pile height that is not too low nor too high and has no loop system to replace the carpet quickly. 

  1. Color 

Colors also matter when picking carpets for your pets. As mentioned earlier, many homeowners opt for carpets in a darker shade to hide the shedding problems of their pets. This option does not apply to dogs with light-colored hair. The remedy would be a darker beige carpet color to make their hair less visible.  

Darker carpets also reduce the time of cleaning but to avoid pet allergies, most homeowners still vacuum the carpet regularly.

What to avoid when buying carpets for your pet? 

Not all carpeting materials could be good for your pet, for example, wool. Such material is very luxurious and a bit pricey compared to nylon and polyester. It is soft and gentle for children and even for pets, and highly durable and stain-resistant. 

However, wool carpets can expose your pet to insects. They can destroy the carpet shortly as the insects may burrow deeper into its cushion. This will result in pet allergies due to excessive scratching. 

Pet owners could spend more money to replace the carpet which makes them choose either nylon or polyester carpets instead. 

Cleaning Tips For Pet Carpets 

While the best carpets guarantee comfort, it is now your job to keep them clean and safe for your pets. Here are simple ways to extend the lifespan of pet carpets:

  1. Vacuuming 

Pets shed hair every day so make sure to clean the carpet regularly. There is no need to pick each hair but a vacuum cleaner can help do the job. Particles that you should get rid of include dandruff and allergens that cannot be grasped by bare hands.

Buy tools such as a carpet cleaner in picking up dirt and dog hair. Other stains shall also be eliminated by adding pet-safe shampoo before vacuuming the carpet. It can remove both dry and wet messes a lot easier. 

  1. Sanitation 

Next is to eliminate the odor. Pets, despite being bathed for almost every day, can still get smelly. The key solution to avoid pet odors is to sanitize your carpet. 

Traditional air fresheners would not work but carpet deodorizers are the better choice. Make sure you buy a product that is pet-friendly and has a powerful scent against pet mess, like urine. Spray enough of the formula directly on the mess to get rid of the unpleasant smell. 

  1. Stain Removal 

Some stains are harder to remove, like vomit. Such a case will require additional material like an enzyme cleaner that can eliminate pet stains faster. Do not wait for the stains to remain on the carpet any longer.  

Choosing the right formula will guarantee a mess-free and odorless carpet for your pets. You may also spot clean the carpet each day to assure that there will be no ugly stain that could ruin the material. 

Best-Recommended Carpet Cleaner 

Ellenbrook’s leading carpet cleaner assures hygienic carpets for pets. It includes two cleaning methods suitable for any carpet type and is pet-safe – dry cleaning and bonnet cleaning. 

Dry cleaning will provide results after a few hours which is best for lobbies. It uses up less liquid and so leaves the carpet dry quickly. The formula is eco-friendly, as well as safe for pets. 

Bonnet cleaning could be done in between deep cleans. A piece of special equipment is used for a lesser time of cleaning. This is a fast and cost-effective option when you want to clean your carpets in no time. 

Get in touch with professional cleaners to keep your carpets neat and fresh-smelling. They are highly trained and they own equipment that could help the cleaning process. 

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