4 Ways To Make Your Modern Home Ooze With Contemporary Style

Modern design is usually denoted by a minimalist and clutter-free environment. It also highlights streamlined furniture, as well as a clean and neutral color palette. If you want to embrace a modern look and feel in your interiors, then read on because below are some of the ways to make your modern and fashionable home ooze with contemporary style.

Pay Attention to Shape

One of the first things that you need to consider when it comes to further making your modern home attain a contemporary feel is to pay attention to the shape that you will incorporate in your interiors. To achieve a truly modern look, you need to go for strong shapes such as squares and rectangles. In this case, you can consider the use of a square edge modern skirting board to clearly define the base of your interior wall, differentiating it from the texture and color of your floor. There is also the option for you to consider the use of neutral palettes to allow the shape of your fixture, such as a rectangular floating sink, to stand out.

Consider High Contrast

Another way to make your modern home look and feel more contemporary is by going for a high contrast design. While it is true that to achieve a modern look, you need to lean towards a neutral palette, you can still consider adding a touch of contrast to make your interiors look more interesting. For instance, you can go for a black and white kitchen, with a bright white waterfall countertop cladding a sleek black island. You can even add height and lightness to your kitchen by installing long glossy white cabinets.

Even if you go for high contrast, you still need to remember to keep your design classic, which can make your modern interior just as timeless as the most traditional interior designs you have known. In this case, you may want to rely on straight lines and iconic pieces, along with the high contrast of your room palette. In this way, your room will stay true to its roots rather than having to change frequently over time.

Think About Fashionable Finishes and Purposeful Design

Modern and contemporary style is also about fashionable finishes and purposeful designs. When it comes to the former, you may want to consider glass and stainless steel finishes for a truly modern aesthetic. In case most of your kitchen cabinets already have clean fronts, you can still opt for a few drawers with simple metal pulls for functionality. Leverage these storage options to make sure that your countertops are free from any clutter.

When it comes to the latter, you need to think about a purposeful design that will make you come up with deliberate choices particularly in looking for key decor elements that stand out on their own. However, you need to ensure that these pieces will be able to make a major impact, such as a streamlined table refining a hallway pair.

You also need to be careful in designing your interiors to guarantee a seamless transition because when it comes to modern design, there is no unnecessary detailing that needs to be applied. In this case, all you have to do is to focus on polished surfaces and straight edges, as well as sharp angles. You merely have to repeat this over and over in your entire home. For instance, the rigid lines of sleek white cabinets in your kitchen should already seamlessly integrate with a square stainless steel range hood.

Serene Styling

As denoted above, a modern style goes hand in hand with minimalism, which is why you should consider going for a sleek design in your bedroom perhaps. For instance, you can combine bleached hardwood floors with low and neutral furniture, along with clean white or cream walls. You should also concentrate on keeping only the essentials such as a piece of deep-seated furniture to keep your living space warm and inviting but clean at the same time.

There is also the option for you to embrace nature such as leveraging wooden floors with a sleek walnut platform bed. In addition to this, make sure to take advantage of polished metals that can bring in the shine in your room such as reflective surfaces.

When it comes to decorating your modern home to further denote a contemporary style, you need to pay attention to shape and contrast in your design. You should also consider fashionable finishes and purposeful designs. This will pave the way for a serene styling that will truly make your modern home ooze with contemporary style.

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