When it comes to decorating the exterior of your property, driveway renovation can be a major attraction. One wishing to increase the curb appeal should opt for a newly renovated driveway. But, choosing the driveway material might cause a bit of confusion. Two of the most common materials used for a driveway are asphalt and concrete. Continue reading this article to learn more about these two types of driveway and their value to the homeowners. 

Driveway Cost: If you are on a tight budget, consider getting an asphalt driveway, as the material is relatively cheap. Asphalt driveways look good while being one of the cheapest materials available. Furthermore, the material does not require much maintenance. On the other hand, a concrete driveway is costlier than an asphalt driveway, and concrete stains easily. You may have noticed those big cracks on any concrete driveway, which are hard to repair. 

  • An asphalt driveway is easy to repair.
  • The material requires minimum upkeep. 
  • Asphalt is a cost-effective material. 

The Look: A black asphalt driveway looks attractive, and if appropriately maintained, the driveway looks brand new for a long. Moreover, the black asphalt driveway appears to be an extension of the road itself. A sense of continuity is carried forward from the road to your property. On the other hand, a concrete driveway looks good if the driveway is scrubbed and washed regularly. If you have the time and energy to clean a concrete driveway, it adds value to your property. 

Durability: Asphalt driveway is durable; there is no doubt about it. The material can withstand extreme pressure and heat. Unlike concrete, asphalt driveway does not break in the freezing season. A concrete driveway, however, cannot withstand tremendous cold. Therefore, in winter, one can see the driveway is broken in several parts as the driveway is under heavy layers of ice for days together. If you want reliability at a cheaper rate, go for an asphalt driveway that does not require constant attention. But, paving a driveway is hard work that should be left in the hands of the experts. Search for companies that provide full-depth reclamation services for your driveway so that you don’t have to lift a finger. 

The design: If you are torn between asphalt and concrete and cannot decide, there’s an alternate way. You don’t have to choose between these two options. Instead, incorporate both in your driveway if possible. People mix and match different materials to create unique designs for their driveways. For example, you may create a long driveway with asphalt and build a concrete footpath beside it. You may need a footpath if the driveway is exceptionally long. 

Talk to the constructors and builders and ask for their input. Since experienced builders work on multiple properties, they know what works best and yields better results in the long term. Therefore, research well before starting the renovation project.

Humna Chaudhary
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