6 Ways To Maximize The Efficiency Of Solar Panels

Installing solar panels in Fernandina Beach is an excellent way to reduce electricity bills and champion eco-friendly energy solutions. Solar panels come in different shapes and sizes, determining the amount of energy output from them. 

Many homeowners and even businesses are adopting the use of solar energy. This can be attributed to the improved efficiency of solar panels and the cost of home solar power systems being more manageable. However, while solar panels can be efficient during installation, maintaining their output level can be challenging over time. 

How To Maximize Efficiency Of Solar Panels

Once you invest in a solar power system and the efficiency reduces over time, most of your appliances and needs that depend on the power will be affected. Therefore, you need to keep your solar panels in the best possible condition to maximize power output. Follow this guide on some important tips to do so: 

Hire A Professional Installer 

Installing a solar system depends on several things, such as the angle, orientation, and the space between the roof and the panel. Some of these things could be complex for you to understand, and if you install the panel yourself, you’ll get very little energy. For example, high temperatures affect the efficiency of the solar panels; hence, there should be an optimum height between the roof and panel to allow circulation. 

A professional installer will help get all these things right. They’ll also orient your panel at an angle that will maximize sunlight depending on how many sunlight hours your region gets. Such things are tricky for any regular person to understand, and that’s why you need an expert. Hire an electrician who will provide state of the art services for your home.

Buy A More Efficient Solar Panel 

Solar panels convert a certain percentage of solar energy hitting the panels into electricity. It’s this percentage that determines the efficiency of the solar panel. The efficiencies of solar panels differ depending on the model, as traditional models converted about 15% while the modern models can convert about 20% of the sunlight to electricity. 

So, when shopping for solar panels, efficiency is one of the things you should consider. Panels with a higher output might cost more, but they’ll serve your needs properly. You should also look for extra features such as concentrators to ensure maximum absorption. 

Avoid Areas With Shades

Have you ever wondered why solar panels are placed on rooftops or in open spaces away from trees and buildings? The main reason is that solar panels use sunlight to generate electricity, and shades act as a barrier between the sun and the panels. Shades reduce the amount and intensity of the solar energy reaching the photovoltaic cells, hence reducing the efficiency of the solar panels. 

When one photovoltaic cell doesn’t receive enough sunlight, it’ll act as a resistor, affecting the neighboring cells’ performance. This goes on to weaken the whole panel and affect the output. So, to maximize solar panel efficiency, install it in places where it receives maximum sunlight. 

Use Anti-Reflection Coatings 

While high-quality solar panels will have anti-reflection coatings, some of the models don’t have them. These coatings prevent sunlight from reflecting off the surface hence maximum absorption by the photovoltaic cells. When buying a solar panel, you should ask for one with anti-reflection features. If they don’t have one, ask them how you can add the coatings to your panel. 

Keep Your Panels Clean 

Many people don’t consider cleaning solar panels as anything significant. However, this is not true as cleaning solar panels is important in retaining the required efficiency. Dirt, dust, and snowfalls can settle on your panels, which will reduce the photovoltaic cells’ ability to pick up maximum sunlight and convert it to electricity. 

If your region receives regular rainfall, then it’ll help to clean your solar panels. In areas with little rainfall, you should make it a habit to clean your solar panels once or twice a year.

Use Backup Batteries 

Every energy converted by the solar panels that aren’t used will go to waste. At night there’s no sunlight, and therefore the output of the solar panels is low, which means you can’t use them directly. A backup battery will help store enough energy that can be used when the weather is unfavorable or during the night. 

Backup batteries also ensure there’s enough energy to power several appliances without overworking the solar panels. 


Getting a solar panel will help you get your home powered while cutting down electricity bills and reducing your carbon footprint. Whether you’re getting the solar power system as the primary source of power or a backup source, you must keep it efficient all the time to benefit from maximum power output. 

Strategies such as cleaning, buying efficient solar panels, and getting an expert to help with the installation are great ways to maximize the efficiency of a solar panel. 

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