6 Tips to Maintain the HVAC System in Your Commercial Building

A commercial building is about many things. It is fitted with important systems like plumbing units, HVAC systems and fire systems. 

These systems ensure that the people inside can do their jobs smoothly. However, improper maintenance of either system can lead to financial losses. Worse, you can even face legal action in some cases. 

Among all the systems, the HVAC system takes the most hit. This blog post will discuss useful tips to maintain your commercial building’s HVAC system. 

Take a look. 

Clean the Coils of the Unit

The HVAC system has many components. Among them are the condenser, evaporator and compressor. These can get dirty naturally due to dust, dirt and mold growth. A dirty coil will lead to increased temperatures inside your commercial building. This causes issues like increased energy consumption or low indoor air quality leading to sick employees.

Cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils is important for an HVAC system to function at its peak. You can get a specialized service company to clean the coils for you.

You can also instruct your cleaning staff to use DIY methods like brushing them with a vacuum cleaner attachment. The idea is to do it regularly so that dirt does not accumulate over time, due to which the HVAC system works extra hard. Make sure you do not use water on coils as this will lead to corrosion and damage.

You can also consider connecting with Mayflower. They are commercial electricity suppliers for small and big businesses. You can lower your energy bills using Mayflower. 

Clean the Condensate Drain Line Regularly

The condenser collects the hot water vapors from inside your commercial building. This hot water vapor is then cooled down by outside air and normal tap water, which is passed over the condenser’s coils and condensed to turn it into water. 

This water is then collected in a condensate drain line and removed from the unit. This drain line needs to be cleaned regularly because it can get dirty due to dirt, bacteria and mold growth if not cleaned regularly

Check the Pressure

The HVAC system has a built-in pressure switch set at a certain point. If this balance or equilibrium feels disturbed by the addition of more air from outside, it will lead to an increase in energy consumption. 

This is because your commercial building’s AC unit will have to work extra hard to cool down the area and dehumidify it.

Ensure the Motors are Aligned

The compressor helps the HVAC system cool down your commercial building. It constantly works to draw out hot air from inside the building. This hot air is then cooled down by the outdoor air and sent back to your commercial building.

The compressor’s motor needs to be kept aligned so that it can work properly without any problems. It should also be lubricated from time to time for effective working. A misaligned or damaged compressor will lead to an increase in energy consumption.

Make Sure the System is Balanced

An AC unit has multiple air handlers, coils, and filters. They are placed in perfect equilibrium with each other to help the HVAC system work efficiently.

If this equilibrium goes off balance, you can have high energy consumption or low indoor air quality issues. You may also experience problems like a faulty compressor and high sound levels.

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system can solve this problem.

Keep the Outdoor Unit Clean

The condenser coils of your AC unit are fitted outside to ensure proper cooling of air before it is sent back inside. This coil needs to be kept free from dirt, debris and buildup to ensure effective cooling.

Final Word

Listed above are some of the most important tips you can follow to maintain your commercial building’s HVAC system. 

If you ever experience any unusual problems, you can always contact HVAC repair services to solve the problem.

Good luck!

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