6 Creative Ways to Decorate and Personalize Your New Home

Moving into a new house? That’s one of the most exciting life experiences. You have an empty canvas to decorate as you like and call it your own.

But it’s easier said than done. What color do you paint the statement wall? What kind of artwork to hang and where? Should you play with different textures or go with just one? There’s a lot to think about and get it right. 

This is especially true if you live in a city like Fort Lauderdale, where the cost of living and housing is 22% and 61% higher than the US average. You simply can’t afford to mess up!

The good news is that we have some ideas that interior designers swear by. Ready to add some charm and personality to your space? Read on!

Let Go of Old Items

One of the nicest things about shifting to a new space is the freedom of leaving all your old mistakes behind and starting afresh. Don’t fall into the trap of clinging onto what you already have, like that 10-year-old sofa or the 70s sideboard. You will find many better ways to personalize your space with brand-new furniture and décor.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of your old belongings, there are several ways to do so. You can host a backyard sale or donate it. If you live in a vibrant city like Fort Lauderdale, you might have accumulated many items over time. If you don’t want to part ways with items with sentimental value, you can always keep them in a storage house. Many Fort Lauderdale moving companies offer that service. 

Go with Bold Sconces

No, we are not talking about the traditional and boring wall sconces you must have seen in your grandparents’ houses. Today’s sconces are bolder. They are made of metal, glass, plastic, or even paper! You’ll find them in a range of shapes that can instantly add a touch of glamor and elegance to your living space. 

For the dining room, place two sconces on either side of the table. In the bedroom, one should suffice. You can either hang it above or beside your bed. The entryway is another spot where a single sconce can look great when placed in a corner. 

Some unconventional ways of using sconces include:

  • Cluster arrangement with different shapes and sizes 
  • Combine them with floor lamps and pendant lights
  • Install oversized sconces

Paint the Front Door

Paint does a lot more than just conceal flaws. It can give your door a new lease on life and create a warmer, welcoming vibe. Plus, it’s cheaper than painting the entire exterior of your new house. 

When it comes to picking the color for your front door, go with a shade that compliments the rest of your house’s elements. While gray has started to wane, black is still sought-after. If you want to do something “different,” how about red? 

You can personalize the door further by adding your nameplate to it or by simply hanging a seasonal wreath.

Roll Out the Rugs and Carpets

Does your new home have plain white tiled flooring? Or the classic wooden floor? Either way, you can break the monotony and create different zones within your living room with rugs. 

While patterned carpets and revival rugs took the crown in 2022, 2023 is all about urban art rugs with a fluffy texture, Persian and Moroccan rugs, and irregularly shaped carpets. 

You can place a center rug under your coffee table in your living room for a more cohesive feel. In the bedroom, rugs look better on the side of the bed. If you have a full-length mirror in the room, leaning against the wall in the corner, roll out a furry rug underneath it for a cozier vibe.

It would be better if all the rugs complement each other or at least have one color in common.

Display Your Best Photos

What’s a better way to personalize a space than by displaying your favorite memories? Whether it’s a family photo, a snapshot of your recent holiday trip, or pictures of you and your friends on the magical sunset boat ride in Fort Lauderdale – they all deserve to be cherished. 

Get creative with how you hang them! Place several frames in different shapes and sizes together to create an eye-catching wall art combination. Or use a single, large frame to make a bold statement. 

You can even try out some DIY projects like making your own frames with wood, painting them in pastel colors, and hanging them on the walls. Anything that adds up to your home’s story is worth trying out! 

Create Accent Walls

Most of us restrict ourselves to bolder paint colors to create accent walls, but there’s so much more you can do. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Wood paneling: Wide panels are more modern, the reddish-brown tone looks classy, and raw wood gives off rustic vibes.
  • Vertical gardens: Install shelves to place small succulent pots on them, hang wicker baskets to grow herbs, and place a few larger pots in the corners.
  • Hang artwork: Simply decorate your walls with captivating artwork that resonates with your style.

A travel-themed wall with the world map pasted to it or a mirror wall with a hint of gold or silver are the trendiest accent wall choices. 

Final Thoughts

Personalizing your new home is all about making it uniquely yours. When someone enters it, it should immediately reflect your style and personality. If you prefer a subtle touch, combine classic decorating ideas like crafting a wooden accent wall, bringing nature indoors, or playing with creative lighting solutions.

Start by tackling one room at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed and giving up halfway. These six tried-and-tested decorating ideas will help you add personality to your home. Best of luck!