5 Reasons To Upgrade To Ducted Air Conditioning

Your home should be your temple, a place where you can find comfort and peace as you go home from your busy day at work. However, with faulty air conditioning (AC), it might give you a different effect. An air conditioning unit is supposed to bring comfort to your home. While you currently have one in your home, you might want to consider upgrading to ducted air conditioning.  

You can install ducted air conditioning in your home’s ceilings, allowing your entire house to have quick access to the cool air around the house. You should hire an expert ducted air conditioning service that’ll provide a hassle-free installation all around the house, allowing you to have a relaxed experience in every room. 

With the current air-cooling unit you have at home, you might want to consider upgrading to a ducted air conditioning for the following reasons:  

1. Your AC is Old  

Your home’s air conditioning unit should last for about 15 to 20 years. If you’ve reached the maximum limit of your AC’s lifespan, you might want to consider replacing it with something better. Ducted air conditioning is a lot more innovative and will provide many great benefits for your home.

Ducted air conditioning can last for about 20 years, with proper care and maintenance. Plus, it’s effortless to install. The process wouldn’t inconvenience your family.  

2. You Want A Seamless Look 

Using an AC unit will look pretty obvious inside a room. The sight of it could even ruin a perfectly-themed room. With ducted air conditioning, expect that it’ll look seamless and blend perfectly with any room.  

Moreover, a ducted air conditioning system provides you extra space, that would, otherwise, be allotted to an AC unit, to display artworks or add a tall shelf for additional compartments or display. It’ll help you to maximize the area that you have.  

Once you get that seamless look, don’t forget about cleaning your ducts regularly. Ducted AC needs maintenance too! Undertake comprehensive air duct cleaning once in a while for clean and healthy air all the time.   

3. You’re Tired of The AC’s Noise 

You know the annoying sound an AC unit makes once you turn it on inside the room. It’s a non-stop soft humming sound. While that can be harmless to some, people who are sensitive to noise will have difficulty sleeping with it.  

Close Up Of Mature Woman Adjusting Central Heating Temperature At Home On Thermostat

Ducted air conditioning provides a quiet experience that’ll surely help you sleep better at night without being distracted by any sound. This would be helpful with kids around, allowing them to have a peaceful night of sleep too. 

4. Every Room Needs to Be Cool  

If you live in an area where the temperature is usually hot and dry, using an AC unit will benefit your home. However, with those units, you need to install one for each room, which can be expensive, given that you have to purchase each unit and pay for installation of each. With that, you can expect a lot of hassle and inconvenience, particularly with the need to cut a hole into your wall to allow space for the AC unit.  

With ducted air conditioning, you wouldn’t have to worry about purchasing plenty of AC units. You’ll only be needing to purchase one AC unit (depending on your house size) and have the ducts installed in your walls or ceilings, and you’re good to go.  

5. You Need Easy Temperature Control  

With a regular AC, you need to stand up and head over to the unit to change the room temperature. If you’re planning to change the entire house’s common area room temperature, it might take you a while. With ducted air conditioning, you can simply control the temperature mounted on your walls or manipulate them using your smartphones or tablets.  

With innovative technology today, ducted air conditioning allows you to control every room’s temperature without having to go to each room to adjust it yourself. It’ll provide great convenience and give immediate comfort.  


Ducted air conditioning provides a ton of great benefits to one’s home. It’s cost-efficient, and it increases your home value. If you have the extra budget, and your current AC unit at home is old and needs frequent repair, upgrading to a ducted air conditioning unit wouldn’t hurt.  

Your house should be comfortable and relaxing enough to come home to and not be an added source of distress because of faulty air conditioning units. If you can upgrade them into something better, why not? Ducted air conditioning is an excellent investment, after all.

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