5 Kitchen Renovations Worth the Investment

For so many homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of the home — a space where people gather, eat, laugh, and share memories. Naturally, kitchen renovations have become increasingly popular, especially in young homeowners. They’re looking for a stylish, inviting space that is equally functional.

When it comes to home renovations — especially in the kitchen — five standout projects can deliver significant value to the home.

Replacement Windows

In any room of the home, window efficiency is an important consideration for today’s homeowners — and since there are additional plumbing and electricity in the kitchen, this room is a high priority. Homeowners incorporate replacement windows into their list of kitchen renovations, both for the long-term costs and the energy-efficiency.

Old windows can let in unnecessary drafts and allergens, which can cause health problems to your household. Upgrading your kitchen windows — whether you prefer the bay, single hung, arched, or another selection — this budget-friendly project is a simple step towards your home’s full investment potential.

Revamp Cabinets

In many cases, kitchen cabinets can be salvaged rather than torn out and replaced with new models. If the style itself is neutral, a coat of paint could be just what you need to give them the upgrade they need. This low-cost, DIY project leaves more money in your budget for significant renovations — to add to the experience, you can upgrade the cabinet hardware for a more modern touch.

Durable Countertops

Perhaps one of the most expensive parts of a home renovation is upgrading kitchen countertops — though it offers significant benefits. Potential buyers are looking for kitchens that can withstand growing families and social gatherings. Quartz countertops are known to be one of the most durable materials and increase in popularity among younger homeowners. This big-ticket item is a worthwhile investment.

Ceramic Tiling

Forget what you thought you knew about ceramic flooring — because today’s models are more stylish and durable than ever. Homeowners are letting go of hardwood favouring ceramic styles because they offer more manageable and more affordable maintenance.

There are even ceramic flooring options that look like hardwood for renovators unsure of making the switch. Installing new flooring is an expensive and time-consuming project, but potential buyers will notice the difference when they look at your kitchen.

Installing a Pantry

This particular renovation may only accessible to homeowners with the correct square footage and layout, but it offers significant value. Homeowners at every age are looking for optimal storage, especially in the kitchen — storing pots and pans and the food itself can take up more space than you realize.You’ll need to speak to a contractor to confirm if you have enough space to add a walk-in pantry. Since open-concept floor plans are growing in popularity, homeowners need a separate area to store their kitchen necessities. This extra space gives potential buyers the option to use the room as they see fit. That level of customization is essential for today’s homeowners — and offers sellers a greater return on their investment.

Khuwalid Khalid
Contact at Khuwalid.khalid@gmail.com

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