4 Ways to Make Your Home Cosy, Warm and Inviting

Nothing quite depicts a home as well as the warmth, people’s laughter and joy, and the pleasant smells in the house.

These are what attract people and what they remember about your home long after you’ve forgotten that they visited. Without these, a house will just be a “soulless” space. As far as we know, no one likes living in a space that’s uncomfortable or spartan.

The reality is that even if you like minimalist interior decors, there are still a few things that you can add to your home to make it more liveable and enjoyable. You don’t want to come back from a hard day’s work to an uninviting home, do you? So let’s show you how to make your space wonderfully warm and welcoming.

Arrange the Furniture Properly

The chairs and tables in the living room tend to take up a ton of space. As the largest objects there, you need to make sure that they are pleasantly arranged. Well-placed furniture can complement the home’s décor, colours, and ambience.

If you have a fireplace, arrange the furniture such that it forms a semi-circle around there. If not, a good rule of thumb is to arrange it in such a way that everyone can see and conveniently watch the TV wherever they’re seated.

Add Some Greenery to the House

House plants are always a great addition to your home. Apart from the beauty that it adds to your space, it also produces good amounts of oxygen. Although we tend to spend 90 percent of our time indoors, the reality is most people end up breathing in fumes and toxic air.

A green plant does a great job of improving indoor air quality by eliminating co2 build-ups in the home. The only problem is they often need to be watered frequently. If you’re a very busy person, just get hardy plants. 

Invest in Great Scents

How your home smells often lingers in your mind as well as that of guests in the house. The good news is there are many options when it comes to pleasant indoor aromas. You can get diffusers, air fresheners, or wax melts. All three, including the wax melts, are fantastic and affordable options.

If you choose the right fragrances, you can have your home smelling heavenly at all times. Remember that a lovely-smelling home is a very inviting one.

Lay Down Some Soft or Plush Rugs or Carpet

We walk the floors of the home very frequently. This is why you must invest in some soft, durable rugs or carpets. These feel soft underfoot, contributing to your home’s overall cosiness.

Plus, they’re great for insulation during the winter. If you don’t like carpets or rugs, at least get a centrepiece that you can place on the ground in front of the fireplace so that you can lay there and get warm if it gets too cold.

Also, remember to let the lights in during the day, and let out stale air. A home with good lighting always looks better than one where all the drapes are closed all the time.