4 Ways To Help Reduce Litter Box Smells

Cat owners love their little furry feline friends. But if we’re being honest, sometimes a litter box can really cramp our style at home. They can be a source of bad smells from time to time. If you’re scared to have guests over due to embarrassing litter odors, you’re not alone. If you feel like you’re either constantly spraying fragrance in the room or always changing your cat’s litter box, we’re here to tell you there could be a better way. We’ve got 4 ways to help you fight litter box smells and reduce the residual stink, so you can get back to hosting gatherings with your loved ones.

  • Get Smart — The best part about living in this day and age is that everything is getting smarter. From phones to cars and tons of household items—even your fragrance diffuser can be smart now! The Pure smart home diffuser now works with Homesick candle company’s popular scents through a smartphone app.
    The app lets you control the fragrance release schedule and intensity of scent diffusion. Schedule your Pure smart home diffuser to release a stronger flow of fragrance at the times when you and your family are typically at home. You’ll never again have to remember to monitor your plug in fragrance diffuser or worry about unplugging it when you’re gone for long periods. A smart home diffuser is a super smart choice for cat owners everywhere.

  • Choose Reed Diffusers Because They’re Always “On” — Essential oil diffusers use wooden reeds to release their scent into the air and are a beautiful way to keep fragrance flowing throughout your space. Choose a reed diffuser with a scent that you want to define your home then sit back as the oils work their way up through the reeds. We love this option because it’s the easiest, most affordable method for covering up unwanted pet smells. The truth is, olfactory fatigue or “nose blindness” is a real thing. It occurs when our noses adapt to smells that they’re overly used to smelling. This is troublesome for cat owners who may truly not be able to smell their stinky cat litter after a while. You may think your house smells just fine but your guests could have a different opinion.

    With that being said, the best part about reed diffusers is they can last for months. You can also flip the reed when you need a stronger boost in scent intensity. An essential oil reed diffuser is both a low-maintenance and long-lasting solution to bad odors in your home. Set one up and forget about having to constantly worry if you’ve gone nose blind. Another reason we love reed diffusers is the calming zen-like aesthetic they provide to any room. Their simple design matches all themes of home decor. Reed diffusers are always “on” and always the right choice for a cat owner.
  • When in Doubt, Choose Old Faithful — If you aren’t ready to commit to the long-lasting scent of a fragrance diffuser, then you definitely can’t go wrong with classic candles. Candles are the perfect item for cat lovers to keep in every room of the house for any last minute hosting occasions. You never know when your mother-in-law or bestie is going to stop by. Keep a variety of scented candles with an aesthetically pleasing jar of matches nearby so you can always light at a moment’s notice. Your guests will be none the wiser to the litter box stench you’re worried about. The other pro to having different candle options at the ready, is that you can choose a scent for your guests based on the appropriate mood or occasion. We also love how the classic look of a candle and how it blends seamlessly in with all decor types.

  • Don’t Forget Strategic Box Placement — In addition to using a fragrance device or traditional candle to help combat litter box odors, you can’t forget the most important tip of all. Strategically place your litter box in an area that’s both tucked away from popular living areas and also near a window or door that can be opened when needed. Sometimes it may be more convenient to keep your cat’s litter box near a trash can or commonly used room for easy changes but if odor is your nemesis, then maybe it’s time to move it to a better location. Be sure to avoid keeping it in a location that’s near popular guest or hosting areas as well. 

To conclude, battling litter box odors doesn’t have to be a struggle in your household. It is possible to cover up bad odors with low-maintenance devices like a smart home diffuser or a long-lasting essential oil reed diffuser. Both options provide strong, constant fragrance to fill up your home and disguise litter box stench. And if you’re wanting something more classic, you can always choose a traditional candle to light when needed. Just remember to be strategic with your positioning and amount of air flow when placing your litter box. We see good smells ahead in your future!


Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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