Why is my air conditioning no longer cold & how do I fix it?

Investing in air conditioning is a reflex for many of us, in these periods of high heat. Ensuring homogeneous and almost immediate freshness, this device contains various mechanisms worthy of mechanical prowess. It is therefore not uncommon to observe malfunctions, which can quickly become hot topics if they happen at the wrong time, namely, in the middle of summer!

Air conditioning that is not cold: solutions to avoid heatstroke

Does your air conditioner refuse to get cold? Rather annoying when the heatwave is in full swing, putting the nerves to the test.

Relatively quick to diagnose, the problem is not always very complex to solve. The outcome is usually simple and binary: you get there in a few gestures, or the intervention of a professional is mandatory.

  1. Try reprogramming

This is the very first reflex to have!

Devices equipped with digital microprocessors can sometimes change configuration unexpectedly. A power outage in your home may also have forced a reset of your air conditioning, someone you know may have changed your usual temperature. It may also be that a delayed cycle is programmed, or that the economic model of your energy is a little too stingy with freshness.

2. Check its power supply

Technologies evolve at a considerable speed! This is not without optimizing all aspects of the machines, including their noise emissions.

If you quickly get used to a silent device on a daily basis, you may not realize when it is on, off… or even broken down! Especially when it is programmed and lives “at its own pace”.

Pay attention to the sound it produces. If this is zero, and the device is not supposed to be turned off, it may no longer be powered. This failure may come from a fuse or from your electrical panel. A cable can also be cut in one place, in which case detection may be more complex if your electrical installation is embedded.

3. Make sure your home is ready to cool

Let’s explain. Although the air conditioner is a very powerful device, it does not work miracles without a little help.

In this sense, know that your home must be perfectly insulated and airtight to air inlets from the outside. Heat should therefore not penetrate through doors or windows, especially if they are only equipped with single glazing. So be sure to close all the openings in your home, then try to run your air conditioner again.

4. Clean its filters

The maintenance of an air conditioning unit is more than essential. It guarantees, in fact, maintenance in good condition over time and also ensures the good health of the occupants of a dwelling.

Dirty mechanical filters can explain the lack of fresh air coming out of an air conditioner. By altering the cleanliness of the components, dust or mold can seriously prevent the air from circulating. The result is unequivocal: bad odors appear, and your level of comfort drops! Cleaning the filters, therefore, makes it possible, and very often, to restore all its vigor to an air conditioner; for it:

  • Open or remove the cover,
  • Take out the air filters,
  • Vacuum the dust present on the surface of the filters,
  • Clean them, if necessary, with slightly soapy water,
  • Reassemble the assembly after they have completely dried.
  1. Check compressor status

The production of lukewarm air is symptomatic of a faulty compressor.

If its thermal protection no longer works or works poorly, it risks operating undercurrent or overheating. If the compressor is noisy, it may be that it lacks oil, or, on the contrary, that the latter is excessive. The nozzle and regulator may also need to be replaced.

Finally, if it does not start at all, the phase controller may have tripped.

6. Contact a professional

Even if their design avoids it as much as possible, some devices can be victims of refrigerant gas leaks. Particularly harmful, the latter must be handled with care.

Do not run any risk and contact cooling services to carry out the necessary checks and replacements.

The latter will also be the only one able to check the condition of the belts, the possible presence of a plug or frost on the exchangers. He can also check the condition of the pressure switches or the calibration of the protection.

Humna Chaudhary
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